Senate Document Number 6903S

Date of Senate Approval 04/17/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 5:     Proposal to establish the Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Council as a Standing Committee

Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.23


The Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Council is needed to provide consistent faculty, student and staff input into the Undergraduate Research Program.


1. Offer direction for the program.

2. Establish policies and guidelines for grants and activities.

3. Evaluate grant proposals from students

- Regular semester grants

- Summer grants

- NCUR grants

- Travel grants

4. Approve recognition of students as University Research Scholars or as Departmental Research


5. Seek ways of enhancing the program through increasing financial resources and addressing ways for the program to be recognized on and off campus.

6. Assist in planning, reviewing and critiquing the ongoing activities

- Fall symposium

- Spring symposium

- UNCA Undergraduate Research Journal.


Director of Honors Program, ex officio

Editor of the NCUR (National Conference on Undergraduate Research) Proceedings, ex officio

Director of Undergraduate Research Program, ex officio

Associate Director of Undergraduate Research Program, ex officio

Program Assistant of Undergraduate Research Program, ex officio

3 faculty members (one from each major academic area, appointed by FWDC)

1 member of the library staff who holds a teaching position (appointed by FWDC)

4 students (appointed by Director of URPAC in consultation with the Director of the Honors Program.)

Faculty and library staff members will serve two-year, staggered, terms, renewable for two additional terms. Students will serve one-year terms, renewable for one year.

Recommendations to: Director of Undergraduate Research

Reports to: VCAA or his/her designee.

As a program that has the potential to involve every discipline, Undergraduate Research will benefit by the presence of an active group of faculty and students who will provide insight and recommendations.

This proposal is the application for the Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Council (URPAC) to be designated a standing committee.