Senate Document Number 7003S

Date of Senate Approval 04/17/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 6:      Proposal to establish the Cultural and Special Events Committee as a Standing Committee

Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.5


1. To choose performing arts and events for the campus community and the community-at-large and to assist in many aspects of actual event presentation.

2. To assist in developing collaborations between Cultural and Special Events Committee and various academic and student affairs departments on campus, as well as other presenting venues and arts presenters in the region. Committee members will work together to choose collaborations that directly extend and enhance current academic and co-curricular experiences of students.

3. Assist other campus groups and departments with programming their own cultural and/or performing arts events each year by allocating a portion of each yearly budget towards these activities.


Assistant Director of Student Life/Cultural Programming

3 faculty serving staggered two-year terms (appointed by VCAA)

1 staff member (appointed by CSAC)

Student Cultural Events Intern

5-7 students serving one-year renewable terms (appointed by SGA in consultation with Assistant Director of Student Life/Cultural Programming)


Service on the committee will begin three weeks prior to the first event sponsored by Cultural and Special Events each academic year and will continue to the same time the following year. Committee membership requires attendance at regular meetings, serving on sub-committees, and assisting in events production.

RECOMMENDATIONS TO: Assistant Director of Student Life/Cultural Programming

REPORTS TO: the VCAA or his/her designee

The Cultural and Special Events Committee was started over 20 years ago to form a working and symbiotic relationship between the major academic programs of the university and the performing arts (cultural events) program in the Division of Student Affairs. However, no Senate Document exists establishing the committee.