Senate Document Number 8203S

Date of Senate Approval 05/08/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 20:      Proposal to Revise the Women's Studies Advisory Committee (SD1991S)

Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.24


The Women's Studies Advisory Board advises the Director of Women's Studies in all matters, particularly the selection and approval of Women's Studies elective courses, assessment of the Program, the staffing of core courses and the approval of requests to be added to the Women's Studies Faculty. Regular faculty meetings shall be held as well as a yearly retreat. Students shall be invited to the annual retreat and shall be informed of all faculty meetings.


The membership shall consist of the Women's Studies Faculty, defined as the Core Faculty and the Affiliated Faculty. Core Faculty will consist of faculty who have taught WMST 100, WMST 400 or another WMST core course. Faculty may apply to become Affiliated Women's Studies Faculty. The Affiliated Faculty will consist of those faculty who engage in Women's Studies scholarship or pedagogy and are interested in teaching a WMST course or elective or have taught a WMST elective. (Since many Women's Studies electives are also departmental course offerings, a person does not have to be a member of the Women's Studies Faculty to teach an elective.)

Recommendations to: Women's Studies Director

Reports to: VCAA or his/her designee

Senate Document SD1991s (Proposal for a Women's Studies Minor at UNCA) establishes an advisory committee for the Women's Studies Program. However, the Program has outgrown its advisory board structure. The numbers of faculty involved in the program are sufficient to function as a faculty similar to degree-granting departments. Continued student involvement is guaranteed by our assessment documents, which call for student input in a variety of ways. This change reflects the way the Program has functioned for several years as we have routinely used our meetings and retreats as faculty meetings.