Senate Document Number 6803S

Date of Senate Approval 04/17/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 1:    roposal to establish the International Programs Advisory Committee (IPAC) as a Standing Committee

Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.12

International Programs Advisory Committee


Advisory to the International Studies Director and Director of Study Abroad in curriculum development, study abroad program development, annual and long-rang program planning, budgeting and publicity.


Director of International Studies (Chair)

Director of Study Abroad

International Students Advisor

3 faculty (one from each academic area) serving staggered, renewable, two-year terms (appointed by VCAA in consultation with FWDC and Director of International Studies)

2 Students, one-year terms (appointed by VCSA)

Recommendations to: Directors of International Studies and Study Abroad

Reports to: the VCAA or his/her designee

I am writing to request that the International Programs Advisory Committee be given the status of Standing University Committee. The Committee has, in fact, been meeting since 1994 to provide a mechanism for mobilizing faculty input, advice, and support for UNCA's international programs, including both the International Studies minor and the Study Abroad office. In an era increasingly defined by globalization, these programs are vital to UNCA's mission to develop students of broad perspective who think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and participate actively in their communities (UNCA Mission Statement). Moreover, a new initiative from the UNC Office of the President recognizes the importance of fostering an international perspective throughout the University community to prepare citizens to become leaders in a multi-ethnic and global society.
(1) Towards this end, the UNC Board of Governors recently adopted Internationalization as one of six strategic directions for the University's long-range plan and has sought increased funding to support President Broad's initiative. The success of our collective efforts to capitalize on new opportunities and trends in international education depends on active faculty input and support for curriculum development, in promoting study abroad opportunities, and in generating new programs for student and faculty development in world affairs.

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