1983 - 1984

SD0183:  Biology Department Curriculum (APC 1)

SD0283:  Revised Policy on Admissions (APC 3)

SD0383:  Music Program Curriculum (APC 4)

SD0483:  Revision of SD25, 1982) Committee on Committees (FWD 1)

SD0583:  Physics-Chemistry Department (APC 7)

SD0683:  Physics Curricular Revisions (APC 8)

SD0783:  Literature and Language/Communications Curricular Revisions (APC 9)

SD0883:  Management Curricular Revisions & Implementation of Accounting Major (APC 10)

SD0983:  Grievance Procedure (FWC 2)

SD1083:  Computer Science Department (IDC 1)

SD1183:  Education Department (APC 5)

SD1283:  Atmospheric Sciences Curricular Revisions (APC 6)

SD1383:  History Curriculum Revisions (APC 11)

SD1483:  Biology Curriculum Revisions (Part II) (APC 12)

SD1583:  Chemistry Curriculum Revisions (APC 13)

SD1683:  Management Curriculum Revisions (Part II) (APC 14)

SD1783:  Music Curriculum Revisions (Part II) (APC 15)

SD1883:  Psychology Curriculum Revisions (APC 16)

SD1983:  Environmental Studies Curriculum Revisions (APC 17)

SD2083:  Physics B.S. Degree Restoration (APC 18)

SD2183:  Mathematics Curriculum Revisions (APC 19)

SD2283:  Sociology Curriculum Revisions (APC 20)

SD2383:  Revised Language Arts Concentration for Middle School (6-9) (APC 5C)

SD2483:  Revision of Developmental Studies Program (APC 21)

SD2583:  Ruth and Leon Feldman Professorship Fund (FWC 7 1982-83)

SD2683:  Amendments to the Policy on Academic Eligibility Standards (APC 2)

SD2783:  The Distinguished Visiting Scholar Committee (EC 1)

SD2883:  Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (APC 22)

SD2983:  Biology Curriculum Revisions (APC 23)

SD3083:  Music Curriculum Revision (APC 24)

SD3983:  Revision of 1982-83 SD 39 (Planning Council 8)

Statement of IDC's Role in Development of Academic Programs and Tracks

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