1986 - 1987

SD0186:  Planning Guidelines for UNCA  (IDC 1)

SD0286:  Establishment of the UNCA Executive Commission for Minority Affairs  (EC 1)

SD0386:  New Course in Sociology: SOC 354 Population Dynamics: Demography & Epidemiology  (APC 1)

SD0486:  New Major Requirements in Communications  (APC 2)

SD0586:  Courses in Hebrew for inclusion in General Education  (APC 3)

SD0686:  2 New Courses in Computer Science: Introduction to Algorithm Design and Intro. to Data Structure  (APC 4)

SD0786:  New Minor in Computer Science & other changes  (APC 5)

SD0886:  Revisions in the Proposed Master of Liberal Arts Program  (APC 7)

SD0986:  Course Number and Prerequiste Change in Physics  (APC 6)

SD1086:  Proposal to Revise the Academic Probation, Suspension and Dismissal Policy (APC 8)

SD1186:  Change in Criteria for Academic Honors  (APC 9)

SD1286:  Policy on Advanced Placement Credit  (APC 10)

SD1386:  Request to Establish a Track in Marketing and Purchasing in the Dept. of Management

SD1487:  Clarification on Limit on Hours in Major  (APC 12)

SD1587:  Curriculum Changes in Economics  (APC 13)

SD1687:  Curriculum Changes in the Dept. of Management  (APC 14)

SD1787:  Curriculum Changes in Computer Science  (APC 15 and 25)

SD1887:  Curriculum Changes in Music  (APC 16)

SD1987:  Curriculum Changes in Physics  (APC 17)

SD2087:  Catalog Statement on ATHLETICS  (APC 18)

SD2187:  Policy on Withdrawal from Courses  (APC 19)

SD2287:  Curriculum Changes in Biology  (APC 20)

SD2387:  Foreign Language Requirements in Various Majors  (APC 21)

SD2487:  Curriculum Changes in Literature  (APC 22)

SD2587:  Curriculum Changes in Drama  (APC 23)

SD2687:  Curriculum Changes in Art  (APC 24)

SD2787:  Curriculum Changes in Education  (APC 26)

SD2887:  Curriculum Changes Environmental Studies  (APC 28)

SD2987:  Curriculum Changes in Mathematics  (APC 29)

SD3087:  Change in Terms for Faculty Assembly Representatives  (FWD)

SD3187:  Revised Guidelines on Tenure and Promotion  (EC 4)

SD3287:  Catalog Changes in Chemistry  (APC 27)

SD3387:  Catalog Changes in Mathematics  (APC 33)

SD3487:  Catalog Changes in Accounting  (APC 34)

SD3587:  GPA Prerequisite for Management and Accounting  (APC 35)

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