Index of Senate Documents


SD0103F:    Notification of Intent to Plan a Joint Engineering Program in Mechatronics with NC State.  (UPC 1)

SD0203F:    Presentations of Vice Chancellors at Faculty Senate Meetings (Revision of SD3290S)

SD0303F:    Sense of the Senate Resolution (by exception, Senate asks APC to evaluate the Joint Engineering Program curriculum prior to UPC consideration)

SD0403F:    Creation of a Task Force to Study Faculty Salary Distribution  (EC 2)

SD0503F:    Change degree awarded in Biology from B.A. to B.S.  (APC 2)

SD0603F:    Changes in Advanced Placement Credit for French, German  and Spanish  (APC 3)

SD0703F:    Establishment of the Faculty ILS Oversight Committee (ILSOC)  (FWDC 1)

SD0803F:    Proposed UNCA Environmental Sustainability Resolution  (UPC 2)

SD0903F:  Revision of Policy Allowing +/- Final Grades (Revision of SD3901S)  (EC 3)

SD1003F:  Revision to the process for Appointment of Lecturers (Revision of SD0202F)  (FWDC 4)

SD1103F:  Revision to Grievance Policy (Mediation)  (Revision of Faculty Handbook Section 3.6.3)  (FWDC 5)

SD1203F:  Notification of Intent to Plan a B.A. Degree in Women's Studies  (UPC 3)

SD1303F:  Deletion of ATMS 106, 214, 340  (APC 4)

SD1403F:  Add two new courses, ATMS 241 and ATMS 251.  Change prerequisites in ATMS 305, 315, 316, and 405  (APC 5)

SD1503F:  Change course description of ATMS 103, Change title and description of ATMS 261, and Reduce credit hours of ATMS 410 and 411  (APC 6)

SD1603F:  Change in required courses for Climatology and Weather Forecasting Concentrations  (ACP 7)

SD1704S:  Integrative Liberal Studies Implementation Proposal (APC 8)

SD1804S:    Request to Establish a Joint NCSU-UNCA Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Concentration in Mechatronics  (UPC 4)

SD1904S:  Establishment of Position Allocation Committee  (Revised FWDC 6)

SD2004S:    Changes to Environmental Studies Minor Requirements (APC 9)

SD2104S:    Clarification of LIT major requirements for Concentration in Literature and Concentration in Creative Writing  (APC 10)

SD2204S:    Changing Description for LANG 497: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing  (APC 11)

SD2304S:    Changes in frequency of CLAS 104 and CLAS 211  (APC 13)

SD2404S:    Advanced Placement Credit in Classics  (APC 14)

SD2504S:    Removing General and Research Emphases, and the Concentration in Political Economy; Adding Computer Competency Requirements for Political Science with Teacher Licensure  (APC 15)

SD2604S:    Change to Middle School Licensure Requirements for Math  (APC 16)

SD2704S:    Change description of EDUC 383  (APC 17)

SD2804S:    Individual Course Changes within the Drama Department  (APC 18)

SD2904S:    Revision of Prerequisites for MUSC 484, 485, 486, 487 and Clarification of ensemble requirements for music majors  (APC 20)

SD3004S:    Adding a new course, CSCI 358, to be cross-listed with MMAS  (APC 22)

SD3104S:    Adding New Course in PSYC 344  (APC 12)

SD3204S:    Changes in Concentrations in the Drama Department  (APC 19)

SD3304S:    Change to four CSCI course-listings and to CSCI AP Exam Requirements  (APC 21)

SD3404S:    Annual Evaluation of Faculty (with focus on Department Chairs) (Revision of Faculty Handbook 3.4  (FWDC 9)

SD3504S:    Senate of the Senate Resolution Concerning Health Care Insurance

SD3604S:    Deletion of the First Year Experience Prefix (APC 25)

SD3704S:    Change to the Academic Suspension Policy (APC 26)

SD3804S:    Changes in Biochemistry Requirements and the Requirement of CHEM 328, 332, 336, and 435 within all degree options (APC 27)

SD3904S:    Delete MMAS 439 and 440; Add new course MMAS 438; Editorial changes in major requirements and departmental narrative (APC 28)

SD4004S:     Delete MGMT 221 and MGMT 494 (APC 29)

SD4104S:     Change in course title and description for MGMT 394 (APC 30)

SD4204S:     Change in prerequisites for MGMT 489 and MGMT 499 (APC 31)

SD4304S:     Mass Communication Visual Media Production Course Prefix Changes (APC 33)

SD4404S:     Changes in Mass Communication Requirements for Major: Demonstration of Competence (APC 34)

SD4504S:     Reduction of requirements to declare B.A. Art as Major (APC 36)

SD4604S:     Art Department Narrative/Mission Statement (APC 37)

SD4704S:     Requirements for a major in Art with a Concentration in Art History (APC 38)

SD4804S:     Deletion of current Art History courses; Addition of new ARTH (Art History) courses (APC 39)

SD4904S:     Addition of MATH 303: History of Mathematics (APC 23)

SD5004S:     Changes in the Course Withdrawal Policy. (REVISED) (APC 24)

SD5104S:     Sociology and Anthropology Curriculum Revision (APC 35)

SD5204S:     Revision of University Service Council (Revision of SD0700F) (Faculty Handbook 10.3.7) (FWDC 10)

SD5304S:     Revision of "How Members are Selected" for Committees Whose Members Are Appointed (Standing Committees) (Faculty Handbook (FWDC 11)

SD5404S:     Changes in the Review Process for Off-Campus Scholarly Assignments (SD1488S) (FWDC 13)

SD5504S:     Sense of the Senate Resolution Concerning Staff Salaries

SD5604S:    Revision of Sunset Policy (SD0489F)  (APC 40)

SD5704S:    Sense of the Senate Resolution Concerning Faculty Salaries