Senate Document Number 3904S

Date of Senate Approval 04/08/04

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document: 28:     Delete MMAS 439 and 440; Add new course MMAS 438;
Editorial changes in major requirements and departmental narrative

Effective Date: Fall 2004

1. Delete: On pg 143, the entries for MMAS 439 and 440

Add: On pg 143, title and description for new course:

438 Senior Capstone Project (3)

Students design, develop and implement a long-term project that demonstrates in-depth understanding, both conceptually and technically, of an aspect of multimedia communications. Prerequisite: MMAS 322. Fall and Spring.

IMPACT: Adding the new 3-credit course to replace the two, 1-credit courses will increase the total credits required for the MMAS major by one. Students in the middle of the MMAS 439/MMAS 440 sequence can take an independent study course to complete the current requirement. This class will not require additional resources on the part of the university. MMAS faculty may take on individual study courses temporarily; however, this will not have a negative impact on the program and its resources.

The workload required for the faculty teaching these classes greatly extends beyond that of a one-credit course. The students are generally unprepared to work independently and require in-depth guidance on a one-to-one basis. The students react negatively to the expectations of them for a course that is only one credit.

MMAS does not have the faculty resources to offer each class both spring and fall semesters. Therefore, large numbers of students are enrolled in a single class. Generally, this number has been 26 - 33 students, enrolled in a single one-credit capstone class with each student working in different directions.

Not offering MMAS 439 and MMAS 440 every semester has created hurdles for both students and faculty. MMAS faculty are regularly taking on Individual Courses for MMAS 439 and 440 so that students that are out-of-sequence can meet timely graduation dates. This is particularly evident with transfer students.

The new version of senior capstone, MMAS 438, will solve many problems. It can be offered every semester. The 3 credits will accurately reflect the workload required for faculty and expected of the students. Multimedia projects are time intensive and require class presentations for receiving constructive critical feedback. Individual senior projects will be centered around a broad theme that is guided by the faculty. Students will still explore individual aspects of multimedia communications however they will be within a specified context.

2. Delete: On pg 141, under Major in Multimedia Arts and Sciences, I:

I. Required courses for the major - 38 hours with at least 14 hours at the 300 - 400 level, including: ART 100; CSCI 201 or 244; MMAS 107, 121, 151, 222, 322, 439, 440, 490; and 12 hours as follows:

Add: On pg 141, in place of deleted entry:

I. Required courses for the major - 39 hours with at least 15 hours at the 300 - 400 level, including: ART 100; CSCI 201 or 244; MMAS 107, 121, 151, 222, 322, 438, 490; and 12 hours as follows:

IMPACT: This change reflects the addition of one credit to the MMAS major requirements. Adding this hour will not impact the time required to graduate from UNCA with a MMAS major. No additional staff will be required. Existing resources can accommodate all changes.

Adding the one credit to the major is based on the following.

Combining the two, 1-credit senior capstone classes into one, 3-credit senior capstone course is necessary for students to effectively produce a senior capstone project.

3. Delete: On pg 141, entry for III

Add: On pg 141, in place of deleted entry:

III. Other program requirements - Satisfactory completion of MMAS 438 with a grade of C or better demonstrates computer competency. Completion of MMAS 490 with a grade of C or better demonstrates oral competency and major competency.

IMPACT: Making this change will not adversely affect the MMAS Program.

MMAS 490, Proseminar and Portfolio, is an appropriate course for these competencies. As this course has evolved, students are now required to deliver an oral presentation and an electronic portfolio of multimedia work to all MMAS faculty during the semester. These presentations are a significant component of the final grade.

4. Delete: On pg 140, the first paragraph in the department narrative, from:

Multimedia Arts and Sciences is an interdisciplinary program working….careers in multimedia or for graduate studies.

Add: On pg 140, in place of deleted entry:

Multimedia Arts and Sciences is an interdisciplinary program where students and faculty work in close collaboration with colleagues and peers from a variety of arts and sciences programs. Based on their choice of emphasis areas and electives, students develop a solid foundation in audio recording, video production, interactive and web design, and two- and three-dimensional animation. Through a balance of courses in theory, criticism, and practice, students develop an understanding of design principles as applied to digital media. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree, students will have the technical experience, theoretical background and problem-solving skills necessary for careers in multimedia or for graduate studies.

IMPACT: This change has no negative impact on the university or MMAS Program.

The changes correct errors in grammar and make the statement easier to read and comprehend.