Senate Document Number 2704S

Date of Senate Approval 03/25/04

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 17:         Change description of EDUC 383

Effective Date: Fall 2004

Delete: On pg 104, in the first sentence of the description for EDUC 383:

Review and integration of basic mathematical and scientific concepts with an emphasis on mathematics;

Add: On pg 104, in place of the deleted entry:

Review and integration of mathematical concepts with an emphasis on teaching strategies using the concepts of geometry;


Impact: Geometry becomes the lens with which we look at strategies to use in the classroom in this course.

Rationale: Geometry is taught in the middle schools and in the high schools. The middle school licensure candidates who choose mathematics as their second area of concentration need specific geometry experiences including: Euclidean geometry (looks at geometry from the viewpoint of the circle), symmetry, similarity, geometric connections, properties of relationships of two- and three- dimensional space and technology applied to geometric concepts. In EDUC 383, we have designed the course to look at "best practices" (problem-based learning, cooperative learning, direct instruction, mastery learning, hands-on learning, technology…), and students use the best practices to share geometric principles. We also teach the students how to use Geometer's Sketchpad (a software program that is in the middle and the high schools in Asheville and Buncombe County). In this course students must design, create and teach units they develop. These units focus on the courses they are participating in the public schools and are not limited to geometry. Thus, by using geometry as the lens to look at best practices, we are providing our future teachers the opportunity to implement geometric principles with pedagogy.