Senate Document Number 0403F

Date of Senate Approval 11/13/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

EC 2:     Creation of a Task Force to Study Faculty Salary Distribution

The purpose of this document is to create a Task Force to study how faculty salaries are distributed and to make recommendations for utilizing future salary increases to provide equity and to reward merit.

The Task Force shall be composed of six faculty members and three administrators. There must be at least one faculty member from each of the ranks of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Lecturer. The faculty members will be nominated by the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee and will be voted on by the Faculty Senate. The three administrators shall serve as ex-officio and non-voting members. The administrators shall be the Director of Institutional Research, the Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, and the University Budget Officer.

The charge of the Task Force shall be first to review the current procedures and distribution of salaries. As part of this study, the Task Force shall also examine the equity of salaries with respect to race and gender. The Task Force shall also review the procedures for determining starting salaries and for allocating merit, step, and other salary increases.

After completing a review of current procedures, the Task Force shall make recommendations concerning future salary allocations. These recommendations shall include guidelines for the following:

1. equity adjustments
2. allocating merit
3. allocation of future salary increases into merit, cost of living and equity adjustments.
4. starting salary offers
5. compensation for department chairs
6. compensation for faculty members coming from or partially in UNCA administrative positions

The Task Force shall submit its findings and recommendations in two reports to the Faculty Senate. A preliminary report shall address items 1-3 and shall be completed in time for the April, 2004 Faculty Senate meeting. A final report shall address items 1-6, and other items as seem appropriate, and shall be completed in time for the April, 2005 Faculty Senate meeting. The chair of the Task Force shall make periodic progress reports to the Faculty Senate at times to be determined by the Chair of the Faculty Senate and the Chair of the Task Force.