Senate Document Number 2204S

Date of Senate Approval 03/25/04

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 11:             Changing description for LANG 497

Effective Date: Fall 2004

Delete: On pg 149, the course description for LANG 497.

Add: On page149, in place of the deleted entry:

A significant manuscript of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, several one act plays, or a full-length play. Prerequisite: LANG 461, 463 or 465. Students may not be concurrently enrolled in LANG 497 and a course from LANG 461, 463 or 465. An IP grade may be awarded at the discretion of the instructor. Fall and Spring.

Impact: No other departments or programs will be affected by the proposed change. The proposed change will result in no impact on resources.

Rationale: In LANG 497: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing, students complete their senior projects in creative writing (a substantial body of original poetry or prose, or a full-length play or several one-act plays). These projects may include work begun in 300- and 400-level workshops, but work-in-progress must be thoroughly revised in LANG 497. Students must also produce new work in LANG 497 to be included in the final thesis. Typically, a fair amount of the work included in the thesis is begun in the 400-level workshops. If students are enrolled in the advanced level workshop at the same time they are enrolled in the senior seminar, they may be submitting the same work to two different classes for evaluation and grading. So, to ensure that students progress in a methodical and logical way through the creative writing program and to avoid the likelihood of the same pieces of writing being submitted for evaluation and grading in two different courses, we would like to add the statement to the description for LANG 497 that making it impossible for students to enroll in LANG 497 concurrently with a 400-level workshop.