2000 - 01

SD0100F:  Senate Resolution to Establish a University Service Council

SD0200F:  Request for Authorization to Establish a New Degree Program in Interdisciplinary Studies  (IDC 1)

SD0300F:  Recataloging Individual Degrees Under Interdisciplinary Studies  (APC 1)

SD0400F:  Establishing an IST Concentration:  "Ethics and Social Institutions"  (APC 2)

SD0500F:  Proposal to establish the Adjunct Faculty Committee as a new standing committee  (FWDC 1)

SD0600F:  Selection of Honorary Degree recipients  (FWDC 2)

SD0700F:  Proposal to establish the University Service Council as a new standing committee  (FWDC 3)

SD0800F:  Designating ESI 101 as a General Education Social Science Course (APC 3)

SD0900F:  Courses to be deleted by Sunset Policy  (APC 4)

SD1000F:  2000 Revisions to the Post-Tenure Review Process  (FWDC 4)

SD1101S:  Changes to Philosophy Department Standard Course Offerings  (APC 6)

SD1201S:  Catalog Changes in Economics  (APC 7)

SD1301S:  Revision of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Concentrations within both the BA and BS Chemistry degrees   (APC 11)

SD1401S:  Changes to the Faculty Handbook Regarding Procedures for Electronic Elections   (FWDC 5)

SD1501S:  Sense of the Senate Resolution to authorize a General Education Review Task Force (GERTF)  (EC 1)

SD1601S: Addition of Earth Science with Teacher Licensure (APC 5)

SD1701S:  Education:  Allowing EDUC 315 to count for the General Education Arts Lab requirement  (APC 8)

SD1801S: Education: Allowing EDUC 319 to count as both hours of required Health and Fitness credit (APC 9)

SD1901S: Catalog Changes in Mathematics (APC 10)

SD2001S: Additional Catalog Changes in Economics (APC 13)

SD2101S: Addition of Undergraduate Research Courses (APC 14) 

SD2201S: Modifications of Curriculum Revision in Biology (Senate Document 6500S) (APC 15)

SD2301S: New and modified course descriptions for Computer Science courses and modified degree requirements for the Information Systems concentration (APC 16)

SD2401S: New Description of the B.S. in Management, B.S. in Industrial and Engineering Management, B.S. in Accounting, MGMT 300 Legal and Ethical Environment, MGMT 350 Marketing Principles, and ACCT 330 Accounting Applications; Delete Courses in Management; Change in Course Requirement in Managerial Accounting Emphasis Area (APC 17)

SD2501S: Add an Introductory Course and a Capstone Course to the International Studies Minor (APC 12)

SD2601S: Removing MGMT 221 as a required course (APC 19)

SD2701S: Ban on S/U grading of Special Topics Courses (APC 21)

SD2801S:  Changes in Teacher Licensure in Sciences  (APC 22)

SD2901S:  Changes in Environmental Studies  (APC 23)

SD3001S:  Changes in University Honors Program  (APC 20)

SD3101S:   Changes in Pre-Law catalog listing  (APC 24)

SD3201S:   Guiding Concepts   (IDC 2)

SD3301S:   Resolution to Retain or Improve Existing Health Care Benefits for UNCA Faculty and Staff  (EC 2)

SD3401S:   Sense of the Senate Resolution - The search for the position of Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs should go forward as soon as is practical. 

SD3501S:  Sense of the Senate Resolution - Re:  Faculty Salaries

SD3601S:  Sense of the Senate Resolution - Re: Jackie Peterson

SD3701S:  Tenure Committee Task Force Recommendations  (EC 3)

SD3801S:  Athletic Department Mission Statement  (EC 4)

SD3901S:  Allowing +/- Final Grades  (APC 25)

SD4001S:  Criteria for Awarding Latin Honors  (APC 26)

SD4101S:  Request for Authorization to Establish a New Degree Program in Public Health Promotion  (IDC 3)

SD4201S:  Proposal to Modify the Composition of the University Planning Council   (IDC 4)

SD4301S:  Proposal to Modify the Composition of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee   (IDC 5)

SD4401S:  Proposal to Merge Council on Teacher Education (CTE) and University School Teacher Education Partnership (USTEP) Steering Committee   (FWDC 6)

SD4501S: Sense of the Senate Resolution - Re: Peter Caulfield

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