Senate Document Number 2901S

Date of Senate Approval 03/01/01

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 23:   Addition of ENVR 346, Plant Ecology, Change of course description for 385, changes to concentrations in Ecology and Environmental Biology and Pollution Control

Effective Date: Fall 2001


Delete: N/A

Add: On pg. 110, add the following title and course description:

ENVR 346 Plant Ecology (4)
An exploration of the factors responsible for the distribution and abundance of plants. Laboratory will emphasize field work. Prerequisite: ENVR 241; or permission of instructor. Even years Spring.

Impact: This course will expand the array of courses available to students in the Ecology and Field Biology concentration, as well as students in the Biology Department. It has already been taught twice as a Special Topics class, and it filled to capacity both times. Dr. Irene Rossell taught it both of these times, and she will continue to offer it as part of her regular course offerings. No additional instructors will be necessary.

Rationale: Plant Ecology has already been taught twice as a Special Topics offering. Both times, it filled to capacity. Many of our Ecology majors are interested in pursuing plant ecology or botany as a career, so we forsee continuing interest and demand for this course.


Delete: N/A

Add: On pg 108, ENVR 346 to Concentration in Ecology and Environmental Biology listing of advanced Biology or Environmental Biology electives between ENVR 341 and 350.

Impact: This course has been added to our course offerings for Ecology and Environmental Biology majors.

Rationale: We are broadening the array of courses available to our majors and responding to their need for more field ecology courses.


Delete: On page 111, title and course description for ENVR 385

Add: On page 111, new title and course description for ENVR 385

ENVR 385 Soils (4)
Introduction to soils including physical and chemical properties, the role of water in soil processes, microbial activity and other aspects of soil ecology, biogeochemical cycles as they relate to plant productivity, soil acidity, soil formation, soil classification, and soil degradation. Laboratory will include several field trips. Prerequisites: ENVR 130; CHEM 111, 132, 144; or permission of instructor. Spring.

Impact: None. Simply a change in course title and description. Course taught by existing faculty of Environmental Studies.

Rationale: Better reflects the course content.


Delete: On page 108, the list of courses under "Concentration in Pollution Control"

Add: On page 108, under "Concentration in Pollution Control"

30-31 hours distributed as follows: CHEM 145, 234; three courses from ENVR 331, 338, 354, 362; two courses from CHEM 235, 332, or ENVR 321; PHYS 131 and 231 or PHYS 221and 222. Students must take MATH 191 and 192 for their math requirement.

Impact: None.

Rationale: These changes in the chemistry requirements simply follow the Chemistry Department's renumbering, combining and credit hour changes.