Senate Document Number 4201S

Date of Senate Approval 05/03/01

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

IDC: 4    Institutional Development Committee

Proposal to Modify the Composition of UPC

(Revision of SD0499F)


The University Planning Council has functioned as an advisory committee to the Chancellor and to the Faculty Senate for nearly twenty years since it was first constituted in 1980-81. During that time, both its structure and its duties have been modified somewhat. With the addition of a fifth Vice Chancellor area, it seems appropriate to add representation from that area. Additionally, it seems appropriate to recognize the overall importance of the planning process to UNCA by designating Vice Chancellors as members of the council.


Working with the University Planning Officer, the University Planning Council is the institutional body charged with coordinating campus-wide planning and budget activities and for formulating recommendations to the Faculty Senate, the Chancellor and appropriate Vice Chancellors.


a. Evaluate proposals for new degree programs or minors, or elimination of such programs, and develop recommendations to the Faculty Senate and the Administration.

b. Assist in development and implementation of the University planning cycle.

c. Participate annually in the setting of University budget objectives and allocations.

d. Participate in the review of University mission and goals.

e. Meet periodically with the appropriate committee of the Board of Trustees to discuss University planning and goals.

f. Receive and review recommendations from the Institutional Effectiveness Committee.


4 members of Faculty Senate (IDC)
4 faculty members appointed by VCAA (for staggered 3-year terms)
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, or his/her appointee
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Financial Affairs, or his/her appointee
Vice Chancellor for Public Partnerships and Special Projects, or his/her appointee
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, or his/her appointee
Vice Chancellor for University Relations, or his/her appointee
University Planning Officer (permanent member)
1 CSAC member appointed by the Chancellor
1 student (junior or senior) and 1 alternate (sophomore, junior, or senior) appointed by the VCSA


The Chair of IDC will serve as the Chair of UPC. The University Planning Officer will serve as the Vice Chair.