Senate Document Number 0700F

Date of Senate Approval 11/09/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 3: Proposal to establish the "University Service Council" as a new standing committee

Effective Date: October, 2000

Last Spring, members of the Faculty Senate considered the idea of establishing a University Service Council (USC) to ensure that service is considered along with research and teaching in promotion and tenure decisions, and annual awards. At its September meeting, a Senate resolution charged FWDC with overseeing the establishment of a USC.

Because faculty service is integral to every aspect of our campus's operations, and because it complements teaching and research in the overall development of individual faculty members and the faculty as a whole, we believe that the establishment of a USC will promote an appreciation of service appropriate to the mission of the university. With general functions paralleling the UTC and URC, the USC will also interact with the Key Center for Service Learning, make an annual award for distinguished service, and provide a voice for recognition of service in salary, tenure, and promotion decisions.

The committee will be composed of eight members, two of which will be permanent based upon their regular duties. The members are as follows:

Director of Key Center for Service Learning (permanent member)
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (permanent member)
The past recipient of the award for Distinguished Service (one year appointment)
Five faculty members, one from each of the following divisions, shall be recommended by the Chair of the Faculty Senate subject to the approval of the Senate. They will serve two year appointments.
(1) Faculty representative from the arts
(1) Faculty representative from professional programs (management and accounting, education, physical education)
(1) Faculty representative from the humanities
(1) Faculty representative from mathematics/natural sciences
(1) Faculty representative from the social sciences.

Reports to: VCAA

Faculty Handbook Impact:
The USC will be listed as document 10.3.8, after the URC and the UTC.