Senate Document Number 1401S

Date of Senate Approval 01/18/01

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 5: Changes to the Faculty Handbook Regarding Procedures for Electronic Elections

The following changes and additions to the Faculty Handbook are needed to address issues of administration, implementation, and security for running faculty committee elections electronically over the internet.

Changes to the Faculty Handbook:
The bold face phrases below will be removed from the text of Section 10.2.1 Election Procedures, items i. and h.

h. Marked ballots shall be kept by the Secretary of the Senate for a period of two years, after which time they may be destroyed. The signed tally sheet shall be a permanent part of the Senate's records.

i. Ballots or tally sheets may be inspected upon request by any member of the Faculty.

Additions to the Faculty Handbook:
The following items will be added to Section 10.2.1 Election Procedures.

m. The ballot for each election will be a webpage accessible to faculty for a one week voting time period. Access to this webpage will require authentication.

n. No records will kept linking individuals to their specific vote.

o. Access to the computer files used to tally and administrate the elections will be restricted to members of FWDC and Administrative Computing. These files will not be viewed during the voting period unless there are extenuating circumstances. In such a case, the Senate Executive Committee will be notified.

p. Election software and webpages will be maintained by Administrative Computing in cooperation with the FWDC.

q. FWDC will announce the elections using the official UNCA faculty email address, once prior to the voting period and twice during each voting period.

r. After the closing of the voting period, a copy of the tally file will be printed, signed by two FWDC members, and kept by the Secretary of the Faculty Senate.

s. After the closing of the voting period, a record will be kept containing information on anyone who has viewed the tally file during the voting period. All entries on this file will be investigated by FWDC and reported to the Senate Executive Committee.

t. A member of FWDC will be designated to trouble shoot problems during each election period. This FWDC member's name, phone number, and email address will be listed on the election webpage.