Senate Document Number 1501S

Date of Senate Approval 02/08/01

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

EC 1: Sense of the Senate Resolution to authorize a General Education Review Task Force (GERTF)

With the enactment of this resolution the Faculty Senate authorizes a General Education Review Task Force (GERTF).

The last review and revision of General Education at UNCA took place almost twenty years ago. Currently, the APC, at the charge of the Senate, is conducting a review and critique of General Education as it now exists at UNCA, based upon the program criteria established in the last revision. It is the view of the Faculty Senate that a revision of our General Education program is overdue. The Senate is authorizing this task force because it understands that successful General Education reform depends on a faculty-driven review and revision process.

GERTF membership will be the same group of faculty who studied General Education as a part of the Enhancement portion of the SACS Self Study, which is now examining student development across the institution. The task force consists of the following individuals:

Edward Katz Literature

Natural Sciences
Mike Ruiz Physics
Keith Krumpe Chemistry
Rebecca Bruce Computer Science
Mike Stuart Biology
Lothar Dohse Math

Social Sciences
Lisa Friedenberg Psychology
Heon Lee Sociology
Linda Nelms Management
Jeff Konz Economics
Bill Sabo Political Science

Merritt Moseley Literature
Tracey Rizzo History
Grant Hardy History
Cathy Pons Foreign Languages

Charles McKnight Music

Anita White-Carter Library

The GERTF is charged to consider APC's findings on and recommendations regarding our current General Education curriculum. It is also charged to consider the reports made by the Chancellor's Task Forces on Diversity, Retention, and Partnerships. Then, reviewing UNCA's General Education program on the basis of these extensive resources--and responding to the interests, needs, and values of our faculty from across the divisions--the committee is charged to prepare a revision of the General Education curriculum, one that addresses the changing conditions faced by students, faculty, and the community since the establishment of the current program.

The Chair of GERTF must report to Senate at the beginning of each semester and consult regularly with the Office of Academic Affairs. Reports to the Senate should include an account of activities undertaken in the previous semester, an agenda of activities planned for the current semester, and amendments to the attached timetable for the completion of General Education review and revision.

GERTF will submit its report for proposed changes to UNCA's General Education program to the Senate and APC.

Timetable for the Revision of General Education at UNCA

Spring 2000 Begin discussions of General Education and the Liberal Arts in the context of UNCA's revised institutional mission statement.

Summer 2000 Send team to Asheville Institute on General Education to study approaches to general education reform and implementation. Meet with consultants to discuss national trends in general education models, diversity curricula, and resource implications for general education design.

Fall 2000 Create website for the General Education Review Committee. Write draft versions of Mission Statement for General Education at UNCA and Statement of Goals for General Education (both a part of the SACS Self Study charge). Put draft mission statement and goals statement on website for faculty feedback. Write rough draft of GERTF report for SACS Self Study.

Spring 2001 Study and discuss Report of the Diversity Taskforce for its impact on future general education revision. Begin reviewing APC reports of completed reviews of general education programs. Initiate series of discussion forums with faculty and students (in both web-based and live formats). Draft recommendations for general education reform for SACS Self Study. Write final draft of GERTF report for SACS Self Study.

Summer 2001 Send team to Asheville Institute on General Education to study and prepare for general education design as prelude to revision of the program at UNCA.

Fall 2001 Receive, study and discuss completed APC report on their review of general education at UNCA, with especial attention to APC recommendations. Continue web-based and live discussion forums, with an emphasis on specific general education program requirements, in order to acquire targeted feedback.

Spring 2002 Begin design of the revised general education program. As design progresses, begin study implications for required institutional change and resource allocation. Continue soliciting faculty and student feedback.

Fall 2002 Finish design of revised general education program. Prepare formal proposal for new general education program for submission to VCAA.

Academic Affairs submits proposal to Senate and APC for study, discussion and approval.

Spring 2003 APC reviews GERTF proposal and makes recommendation to Senate.

Fall 2003 Initiate implementation of revised general education program.