Senate Document Number 4401S

Date of Senate Approval 05/03/01

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 6:    Proposal to Merge the Council on Teacher Education (CTE) and the University School Teacher Education Partnership (USTEP) Steering Committeeinto USTEC: University School Teacher Education Council


USTEP: Four years ago, the NC General Assembly appropriated money for the creation of Partnerships between UNC system departments of education and public schools. UNCA was granted funding to begin such a partnership. Members of the Education department, public school teachers, administrators, and arts & science faculty created a structure that includes a Steering Committee, 3 Subcommittees, & an Administrative Committee. The purpose & membership of each are as follows:

Steering Committee-advisory to Department of Education; members include representatives from 3 public school systems, UNCA education and arts & sciences faculty, and administrators.

3 Subcommittees- 3 focus areas: Initial Preparation of Teachers, Induction (initially licensed teachers), and Professional Development. Each subcommittee chair is a member of the Steering Committee. Each subcommittee has in its membership Education faculty, Arts & Science faculty / Administrator, and public school teachers and administrators from 3 school systems.

Administrative Committee-Education Department Chair, USTEP Director, and Outreach Coordinator who take care of nuts and bolts and paperwork required by UNC General Administration.

CTE- A University Standing Committee

CTE serves in an advisory capacity to Education Department. The committee is to provide coordination and articulation between the academic departments & the education department in following state guidelines for the preparation of teachers within the liberal arts model for licensure. Membership has evolved, but there are currently 18 members. Ten of the 18 are also members of USTEP Steering Committee. The current members of CTE are as follows: 12 of the 18 are UNCA Faculty, 6 from Education Department and 6 from other UNCA departments; 2 of the 18 are students; 4 of 18 are Public School Administrators

USTEC: University School Teacher Education Council

Because of the overlap in purpose and membership, we are proposing merging the USTEP Steering Committee and the CTE into a single Advisory Board to be called USTEC, the University School Teacher Education Council. This merger is supported by the VCAA and by the NCATE and DPI accreditation teams that recently visited our campus. USTEC would:

The Administrative Committee will include the Education Department Chair, USTEC Director, and the Outreach Coordinator.

UNCA Education Faculty                                                                 6 (5+Chair)
Appointed by the Education Department Chair and to include a
USTEP Director appointed by Education Department Chair
UNCA Arts & Science Faculty and VCAA                                         5 + VCAA
    Appointed by VCAA in consultation with Education Department
Chair and to include Faculty representing the Social Sciences,
    Natural Sciences, and Humanities
Public School Teachers
Appointed by the Education Department Chair and to include                 4
    representatives from three partnership LEAs (Henderson County,
    Buncombe County, Asheville City)
Public School Administrators                                                                   4
Superintendents or their designees from each of the following
systems: Asheville, Buncombe, Henderson, and Madison
Community Members                                                                              3
    Appointed by Chair of the Education Department
UNCA Students
Appointed by Chair of the Education Department                                   2

Total membership:                                                                     25 members

Membership Terms
The Chair of the Education Department, VCAA, and superintendents are permanent members. The USTEP director is appointed annually by the Education Department Chair. All other members serve a staggered 2 year term. Committee and partnership members from the 2000-2001 academic year are expected to continue on or rotate off based on their current terms, whichever constitutes the end of their 2nd full year.