1999 - 2000

SD0199F: Removing Restriction on Converting a Minor into a Major  (APC 35)

SD0299F: Proposal for Alternate Model Self-Study  (UPC 1)

SD0399F: Proposal to Establish an Institutional Effectiveness Committee  (IDC 2)

SD0499F: Proposal to Modify the Existing Composition and Duties of UPC  (IDC 3)
(Revision of SD0593F)

SD0500S: Incorporation of CLAS 495 (Senior Research Thesis) as Mandatory part of the Classics Major and Revision of Course Descriptions  (APC 1)

SD0600S: New Minor in the Dept. of Literature & Language: Minor in Creative Writing (APC 2)

SD0700S: Arts Lab Changes  (APC 3)

SD0800S: Changing Course Description in SOC 225, Deleting SOC 450, and Adding SOC 310  (APC 4)

SD0900S: Change in Membership of Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
(Revision of SD0399F)

SD1099F: Sense of the Senate:
That all members of the Faculty Senate be empowered to visit with the candidates for a faculty position at UNCA.

SD1100S: Deletion of LANG 100 and Addition of LANG 103  (APC 5)

SD1200S: Chemistry: Reclassification of the current BA and BS degree requirements as a "Concentration in Chemistry" within the BA and BS degrees  (APC 7)

SD1300S:  Creation of a Biochemistry Concentration within the BS Degree in Chemistry  (APC 8)

SD1400S:  Creation of a Biochemistry Concentration within the BA Degree in Chemistry  (APC 9)

SD1500S:  Chemistry:  Changes to the narrative that will describe the department and its programs more accurately  (APC 10)

SD1600S: Chemistry: Changes to "other departmental requirements" for all currently listed degree options  (APC 11)

SD1700S: New Course: LIT 365/CLAS 365, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible  (APC 12)

SD1800S: Introduction of Formal Laboratory Section in CSCI 202  (APC 13)

SD1900S: Change in CSCI competency statement; course description for CSCI 462  (APC 14)

SD2000S: Catalog Change in the Prerequisite for PHYS 231  (APC 15)

SD2100S: Clarifying the requirement of 60 hours after attending a 2-yr school  (APC 16)

SD2200S: New Prerequisites for Mass Communication Core Courses  (APC 17)

SD2300S: Additions, Deletions, and Changes in Course Descriptions (MGMT, IEM, & ACCT)  (APC 18)

SD2400S: Changes in Economics Concentration Requirements; Addition of ECON 380 and ECON 480   (APC 19)

SD2500S: Reduction of Hours in Economics Minor  (APC 20)

SD2600S: Economics: Addition of Concentration in International Economics  (APC 21)

SD2700S: Changing title of HIST 151, 152; revised descriptions for HIST 380, 381; addition of HIST 383  (APC 22)

SD2800S: Addition of HIST 301 and 302  (APC 23)

SD2900S:  Licensure in Social Studies   (APC 24)

SD3000S: Political Science: Addition of 335, 353, 387, and 388, and changes in credit hours for 390 and 490, and Adjustments to Teacher Licensure and Political Economy Emphases  (APC 25)

SD3100S: Changes in Declaration of Major, General Requirements for Majors (MGMT, IEM, & ACCT), Concentrations (MGMT & ACCT), and Minor Course Work (MGMT)  (APC 26)

SD3200S: Courses in Multimedia Arts and Science Major  (APC 27)

SD3300S:  Cross listing MMAS 121 as CSCI 121; cross listing MMAS 310 as CSCI 310; and cross listing MMAS 410 as CSCI 410   (APC 28)

SD3400S: Cross listing MMAS 151 as MCOM 151  (APC 29)

SD3500S:  Addition of CSCI 115, Software Tools for Engineers  (APC 30)

SD3600S: Mathematics: Addition of a professional internship; deletion of mathematics minor for teachers  (APC 31)

SD3700S: Addition of SOC 357, 410, and 446  (APC 32)

SD3800S: Change in Prerequisite for MGMT 458 and Course Offering Time for ACCT 317  (APC 33)

SD3900S: Changes in Photography Curriculum  (APC 34)

SD4000S:  Changes in Numbering for SPAN 470 and SPAN 480  (APC 35)

SD4100S: Adding First-Year Experience Program to "Other Special Academic Opportunities" Section of the Catalog  (APC 36)

SD4200S: Adding Minor in Dance  (APC 37)

SD4300S: Change in Course Description for ARTS 315 and Cross Listing ARTS 315 as DAN 315  (APC 38)

SD4400S: Changing Opening Narrative for Health and Fitness  (APC 39)

SD4500S: Changing Dance Courses from HF to DAN and Other Related Changes  (APC 40)

SD4600S: Change in Course Description for HF 120; Addition of HF 130 and 131  (APC 41)

SD4700S: Addition of IST 263 African American Colloquium  (APC 42)

SD4800S: Deletion of SOC 315, 322, 325 and 352  (APC 43)

SD4900S: Amendments to Policy on Extended Illness and Serious Disability for Faculty of UNCA. (revision of SD2495S) (FWDC 1)

SD5000S: Change in Membership of the UNCA Executive Commission for Minority Affairs.  (revision of SD0286) (FWDC 2)

SD5100S: Sense of the Senate Resolution endorsing the plan of action outlined in the revised Executive Committee for Minority Affairs Proposal.

SD5200S: Additions, Deletions, Changes of Engineering Course Offerings and Descriptions. (REVISED) (APC 6)

SD5300S: Mission Statement.  (Revision of SD0190F) (UPC 4)

SD5400S: Sense of the Senate Resolution Encouraging the Chancellor to Involve Faculty in the Honorary Degree Process.  (FWDC 6)

SD5500S: Changes in Faculty Membership on Honorary Degrees Advisory Committee.  (FWDC 3)

SD5600S: Sense of the Senate Resolution in Support of Two New Annual Awards for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Works.  (FWDC 4)

SD5700S: Addition of First-Year Experience Program Description.  (APC 44)

SD5800S: Changes to Environmental Studies Departmental Mathematics Requirements.  (APC 45)

SD5900S: Changes to Environmental Studies Natural Resource Management Requirements.  (APC 46)

SD6000S: Changes to Prerequisite Requirements for ENVR 241. (APC 47)

SD6100S: Changing Title and Course Description of ENVR 334.  (APC 48)

SD6200S: Changing Course Description of ENVR 382.  (APC 49)

SD6300S: Adding CHEM 132 to the List of Courses that Satisfy the 3-Hour Science General Education Requirement.  (APC 50)

SD6400S: Clarifying the Number of Hours Allowed for Major Fields of Concentration.  (APC 51)

SD6500S: Curriculum Revision in Biology.  (APC 52)

SD6600S: New Rules for MAL Theses and Projects.  (APC 53)

SD6700S: Addition of Practicum in Teaching Foreign Languages, K-12.  (APC 54)

SD6800S:  Proposed Distance Education Philosophy Statement.  (UPC 5)

SD6900S: A Teaching-Scholarship Year.  (FWDC 5)

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