Senate Document Number 1900S

Date of Senate Approval 2/10/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 14: Change in CSCI competency statement; course description for CSCI 462

Effective date: Fall 2000

I. Delete present statement of "Other departmental requirements" in the listing of degree requirements for both the Concentration in Computer Systems and the Concentration in Information Systems. (p. 85)

III. Other department requirements - Seniors must demonstrate in-depth knowledge in one aspect of computer science by completing a faculty-approved project. Design and implementation of hardware or software projects are encouraged. Other types of projects must exhibit good research, design and data-gathering techniques. Oral competency is demonstrated by successful completion of the oral presentation requirements in CSCI 462.

Add new statement of "Other departmental requirements" for both concentrations.

III. Other department requirements - Competency in the major and competency in oral presentation is demonstrated by successful completion of CSCI 462.

II. Delete present course description for CSCI 462 (p. 88):

CSCI 462 Senior Project (1)
Individual projects by students of senior standing. Completed projects meet demonstration of competency. Prerequisite: senior level standing in Computer Science or permission of instructor. Fall and Spring.

Add new course description for CSCI 462

CSCI 462 Senior Project (1)
A demonstration of in-depth knowledge in one aspect of computer science. Successful completed projects will meet the departmental requirement for competency in the major. Includes an oral presentation before the department's assembled faculty to demonstrate oral competency. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and approval by the department's Senior Project committee of a Senior Project proposal. Additional guidelines for the Senior Project proposal may be obtained from the departmental secretary. Fall and Spring.

Impact Statement: None expected.

Rationale: This change explicitly states the need for approval of the Senior Project committee of student proposals. It has been our policy to committee approval for almost six years, but this requirement had not been included in the catalog. The change also puts the detailed description of the competency requirements into one course description, rather than duplicating it under the statement of degree requirements for both concentrations.