Senate Document Number 4700S

Date of Senate Approval 3/02/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC document 42:   Addition of IST 263 African American Colloquium

Effective Date: Fall 2000

Add: Catalog entry for IST 263 African American Colloquium. In current catalog add it to page 126, after IST 253 and before IST 283.

263 African American Colloquium (3)
Investigates historical and contemporary paradigms for academic success for Black students. The course focuses on a single topic examined from several academic viewpoints. It challenges students to think critically and creatively about what academic study in a liberal arts environment offers to people of African descent and people of color. It involves a blend of curricular, co-curricular and service learning activities. Prerequisite: Permission of coordinator. Fall.

Add: In catalog, page 128, under Africana Studies Electives, after ANTH 215:

IST 263 African American Colloquium

According to previous observation and experience, the minority status of Black students at UNCA requires a targeted classroom effort to facilitate their successful transition into this liberal arts setting. Such an experience aims at developing a sense of academic and social community and offers an opportunity for the students to see their place within the Black community as well as within the university culture. The course is interdisciplinary by design to provide the broadest academic exposure to entering students. Topics are chosen to permit the participating faculty and staff, primarily a core of Black faculty and staff, to bring to bear their individual expertise in an interactive setting. Topics invite a rich comparison among Black cultures (e.g. African American, Caribbean, etc.) as well as between Black and non-Black cultures. In addition, a vital part of successfully retaining Black students in the UNCA community is the inclusion of a co-curricular component, which encourages participation in the full array of student life. Because the course aims at transitioning students into the university, it espouses and utilizes the pedagogy and resources of the First Year Experience courses. All of these dimensions -- interdisciplinarity, the focus on the Black experience, the co-curricular components and the FYE components -- are necessary to create an environment that promotes and enhances Black student success at UNCA.

Impact statement:
The only impact on existing majors and minors and University requirements is that this course provides especially Black students with an opportunity to accrue 3 semester hours of elective credit which can be applied to the Africana Studies minor.