Senate Document Number 3900S

Date of Senate Approval 3/02/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 34: Changes in Photography Curriculum

Effective date: Fall 2000

Delete: On pgs 62-64, course titles and descriptions for ART 225, 226, 325, 326, 425, 426

Add: On pgs 62-64, new titles and descriptions.

227 Introduction to Photography (3)
An introduction to black and white photography exploring early photographic techniques, camera use and basic darkroom techniques. The student must provide his or her own camera (with manual capabilities). Prerequisite: Art 100; or permission of instructor. Fall and Spring.

327 Intermediate Photography (3)
A continuation of Art 227 with shared emphasis on 20th century photographic trends and mastering advanced black and white darkroom techniques and alternative processes. Prerequisite: Art 227; or permission of instructor. Fall and Spring.

328 The Photograph as Document (3)
Explores the evolution of documentary photography. Students will use the medium to learn to reveal social and cultural responses to the world through their own projects and critiques. Prerequisites: Art 227, 327; or permission of instructor. Even years Fall.

427 The Photographic Eye: Refining Personal Vision (3)
An exploration of photography as a means of self-expression and exploration with an emphasis on the development of personal style and idea - a cohesive body of work. Contemporary photographic trends will also be explored. Paper and presentation are required. Prerequisite: Art 327; or permission of instructor. Fall and Spring.

428 The Photographic Portfolio (3)
Offers further exploration of ideas and expression with an emphasis on preparation for senior seminar, senior show, and portfolio development. Prerequisite: Art 427; or permission of instructor. Fall and Spring.

Impact Statement:
The number of photography offerings will be reduced by one. Students can still take independent study courses as well as Special Topics in different media and intense investigation as needed.

The BFA requires a concentration of 21 hours in a specific area or areas (intermedia). A photography concentration would count 3 credit hours each for Art 227, 327, 328, 427, and 428, and 3 credit hours each for Art 490 and 491 (Senior Exhibition I and II). This totals 21 credit hours. If a student needs more credit hours, Art 492 (Senior Exhibition III) is available.

These proposed changes will have a beneficial impact on existing photo facilities and budget due to the reduction in the number of students using the facilities.

Photography courses and numbers have not been changed in many years. The proposed changes streamline the curriculum, and provide more availability of resources to students.

Art 328 (The Photograph as Document) will provide a more comprehensive learning experience in connection with sociology, anthropology and political and environmental science, thus establishing a specific forum for interdisciplinary studies within the photography program.

Students in the concentration will have a more focused path through these proposed course changes, which will allow for a greater emphasis on the development of content in work while providing a better format for the development of technical skills.

While these proposed changes would affect the structure of the photography concentration, none affect the fundamental nature of the existing program.