Senate Document Number 2100S

Date of Senate Approval 2/10/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 16: Clarifying the requirement of 60 hours after attending a 2-yr school

Effective Date: Fall 2000

Delete: On pg 26, under Transfer Credits. Second paragraph, third sentence.

Students who have accumulated 60 or more semester hours at all institutions attended may not earn additional hours at a two-year college.

None. There will be no change in how student transcripts are evaluated or the number of hours accepted.

This will serve to clarify the policy for students transferring from two-year schools. The current statement on page 26 falsely gives the impression that we will not accept any transfer credits from two-year schools for an initial transferee once the 60-hour mark has been reached. This is not the case. If a student has more than 60 hours of transferable work, all from 2-yr schools, the total number of hours are accepted. However, the student must then complete 60 additional hours at UNCA in order to receive a degree. This will not change the current policy, but eliminating this statement will eliminate the confusion on this issue.

Delete: On pg 36, under Graduation, number 4.

Complete a minimum of 60 hours after transferring from a two-year school.

Add: On pg 36, under Graduation, number 4.
Complete a minimum of 60 hours at four-year institutions.

Will reduce the number of hours some transfer students are required to take. Will not eliminate UNCA's requirement for 30 hours in residence, as is written in number 3 of this same section.

Currently, a student is required to complete a minimum of 60 hours at UNCA if the last school s/he attended prior to transferring was a two-year school. This does not take into account any transfer work which originated from 4-year schools. For example, if a student attended a 4-year institution and earned 86 hours, and then went to a 2-year school and earned 6 additional hours, this statement, as it is currently written, requires the student to complete 60 hours at UNCA, or a total of 152 hours. By changing the requirement to read, "60 hours at 4-year institutions", this student would then need only 122 hours (must still have 30 hours in residence) to graduate instead of 152.