Senate Document Number 4100S

Date of Senate Approval 3/02/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC document 36: Addition of First-Year Experience program description.

Effective Date: Fall 2000

No Deletions.

Add: the following entry for First-Year Experience on page 52 (After the Undergraduate Research Program description and before the High School Enrichment Program description).

The First-Year Experience program is specifically designed for first-year students and supports the University mission of providing the best possible opportunity to acquire the skill, knowledge and understanding necessary to pursue educational and professional goals. The purpose of the program is to provide first-year courses and seminars, along with programming that supports student involvement, integration into the campus community, selection and commitment to an appropriate major, and timely completion of an undergraduate degree. Each course is built around a traditional, or special topic, academic theme with a common core that is central to all First-Year Experience courses. This common core includes building a sense of community with classmates, students, faculty and the campus community; and identifying individual abilities, strengths, and weaknesses while developing a style of working and interacting with others. A limited class-size provides the maximum opportunity to acquaint students with the challenges and demands of higher education while supporting them in their transition to the university. Courses open to first-year students, students transferring 12 or fewer hours, or with permission of instructor or program director.

RATIONALE: The First-Year Experience program is in its fourth year of operation continuing to offer courses each Fall semester. As an established program, a description should be included in the catalog in order to provide students with relevant information. Between 20 and 27 sections of FYE courses have been offered each fall semester since 1996. Enrollments have varied between 50%-60% of new freshman. Students enrolled in an FYE course continue to be retained an average of 5% higher into the sophomore year than their non-participating cohorts.

FYE program information is provided in new student information, registration information, orientation information, in addition to publications material to the UNCA community. The program operates on a combination of state and foundation funds. Documentation of the program in the catalog will have no impact on the current or future budget requests.