Senate Document Number 4400S

Date of Senate Approval 3/02/00

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 39:  Changing Opening Narrative for Health and Fitness

Effective Date: Fall 2000

Delete: On pg 116, the entire narrative from "The Department of Health and Fitness... health-enhancing behavioral choices."

Add: On pg 116, under faculty listing for Health and Fitness,

Associate Professor Ray (Chair); Associate Professor McClary (Director, Pre-Med Program); Lecturers S. Cornish, Taylor, Torbett, Rosenthal, Schrader

The Department of Health and Fitness offers minors in Dance, Health Promotion and Sports Medicine. The minors in Dance and Health Promotion afford students the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary study through exposure to courses outside of their major areas, internships and research activities. The minors in Health Promotion and Sports Medicine also include an advanced senior seminar.

The minor in Dance provides students the opportunity to acquire and refine the technical skills necessary to realize the broadest possible range of movement options, develop their own capacity for expression through Dance, understand the connections among the various fields of study involved with Dance production, acquire experience as teachers, performers, choreographers and prepare for advanced study in Dance and other related arts.

The Health Promotion minor emphasizes the importance of developing a scientific database that documents behavioral, psychological and biological changes in those pursuing health promotion studies. In addition, the minor addresses the scientific and philosophical questions inspired by health promotion topics.

The minor in Sports Medicine places an emphasis on preparing students to treat and help prevent athletic and movement related injuries. Course work and lab experiences prepare students to sit for the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) exam.

The Department of Health and Fitness also teaches courses in fitness and skill development. Students must complete either the three-hour Health Promotion and Wellness course or one of the following combinations: the one-hour Physical Self course and a one-hour fitness development option, or the three-hour Women's Health or Men's Health course and a one-hour fitness development.

In the sequence of two one-semester-hour courses, the first one-hour course, The Physical Self (HF 120) emphasizes concepts concerning health, fitness, emotions and self-concept. Health risk and fitness levels are also assessed. Each student receives a recommendation concerning which of the second course options will best meet his or her needs. The second course requirement (see Fitness Development Options, HF 121-128) is an activity course that enables each student to meet specific needs recommended for developing his or her physical self.

The three-hour course, Health Promotion and Wellness (HF 153) is for those who seek an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the psychology and sociology of health-related behavioral change and desire a greater understanding of the nature and value of health-enhancing behavioral choices.

Impact: None.

Rationale: This change will provide clarification of what is being offered in the Department of Health and Fitness. The minor in Dance and the minor in Sports Medicine are now included and the stipulation of credit for HF 120, which belonged in the course description, is now out of the opening narrative.