1996 - 1997

SD0196F:  Change in Academic Calendar (APC 1) amended

SD0296F:  Earth Science Track in Environmental Studies (APC 2)

SD0396F:  Procedures for Reporting Sexual Harassment (FWDC 1)

SD0496F:  Addition of ENGR 171-4, 271-4, 371-4 Special Topics in Engineering Course (APC 3)

SD0596F:  Council on Teacher Education committee structure change (FWDC 2)

SD0696F:  Department of Education Curriculum Changes (APC 4)

SD0796F:  Catalog Changes in Economics (APC 5)

SD0896F:  Catalog Changes in the Department of Literature & Language (APC 6)

SD0996F:  Catalog Changes for the Department of Mathematics (APC 7)

SD1096F:  Catalog Changes in Environmental Science (APC 8)

SD1197S:  Catalog Change in Environmental Sciences (APC 9)

SD1297S:  Catalog Changes n Sociology (APC 10)

SD1397S:  Catalog Changes in MLA Program (APC 11)

SD1497S:  Deletion of Minor in Education without Licensure (APC 12)

SD1597S:  Catalog Changes in Computer Science (APC 13)

SD1697S:  Guidelines for Children in the Workplace (FWDC 3)

SD1797S:  Entries for the Mediation Center (EC1)

SD1897S:  Community Dialogue Courses in Interdisciplinary Studies (APC 14)

SD1997S:  Catalog Change in Math (APC 15)

SD2097S:  Curriculum Changes in Mass Communication (APC 16)

SD2197S:  Curriculum Changes in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 17)

SD2297S:  Religious Studies Minor in Philosophy (APC 18)

SD2397S:  Courses to be deleted by Sunset Policy (APC 19)

SD2497S:  Change in Courses and Minor Requirements in Biology (APC 20)

SD2597S:  Catalog Changes in International Studies and Study Abroad (APC 21)

SD2697S:  Full Curriculum Revision in Classics (APC 22)

SD2797S:  Changes in Sculpture Courses in Art (APC 23)

SD2897S:  Change in Management courses, major requirements and concentrations (APC 24)

SD2997S:  Computer Science deletions and additions; change in requirement for Major (APC 25)

SD3097S:  Departmental Distinction for the Certificate-of-Major students (APC 26)

SD3197S:  Honors and Degree Programs Committee (FWDC 4)

SD3297S: Multimedia Arts and Science Proposal (APC)

SD3397S:  Changes in Curricular Pre-Requisites in Education (APC 27)

SD3497S:  Workplace Violence (FWDC 5)

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