1993 - 1994

SD0193F:  Letter to Chancellor Schuman

SD0293F:  Letter to Samuel Poole, Chairman of Board of Governors; C. D. Spangler, President of University of North Carolina; and a copy to Jay Banks, Chairman of Board of Trustees

SD0393F:  Human Subjects Policy (APC 1)

SD0493F:  Amendment to General Ed. Guidelines - Mass Comm. (IDC 1)

SD0593F:  Changes in University Planning Council (IDC #2) (Revision of SD1385F and SD3581F)

SD0693F:  Catalog Changes in Mathematics (APC 5)

SD0793F:  Curriculum Revisions in Psychology (APC 8)

SD0893F:  Psychology Social Science Gen. Ed. Proposal (APC 9)

SD0993F:  Psychology Competency Proposal (APC 10)

SD1093F:  Catalog Changes in Biology (APC 11)

SD1193F:  Catalog Changes in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 12)

SD1293F:  Mass Communication Social Science Gen. Ed. Proposal (APC 13)

SD1393F:  UNCA Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest (FWDC 1)

SD1494S:  Catalog Changes and Atmospheric Sciences (APC 14)

SD1594S:  Catalog Changes in Arts and Ideas (APC 15)

SD1694S:  Catalog Changes in Art (APC 16)

SD1794S:  Proposal: Africana Studies Program (IDC 3)

SD1894S:  Advanced Placement Policy (APC 19)

SD1994S:  Conditional Readmission Policy (APC 20)

SD2094S:  Catalog inclusion for Jazz Styles HF 139 (APC 21)

SD2194S:  Change IST designations for three Sports Medicine offerings to catalog courses (APC 22)

SD2294S:  Change ST designation for Women's Health offering to a HF catalog course (APC 23)

SD2394S:  Catalog change for HF general education requirements (APC 24)

SD2494S:  Catalog change in Computer Science Curriculum (APC 25)

SD2594S:  Changes in Computer Science Course Descriptions (APC 26)

SD2694S:  New Computer Science Courses (APC 27)

SD2794S:  Recommendations re: Report on the Status of People of Color and Women at the University (EC 2)

SD2894S:  Medical Authorization Form (FWDC 2)

SD2994S:  Student Enrollment Agreement (FWDC 3)

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