Index of Senate Documents


SD0101F:  Sense of the Senate Resolution (re: Senate Doc 33, 1985-86 - faculty teaching load)

SD0201F: Add Computer Competency to Academic Regulations (APC 1)

SD0301F: Change to Environmental Studies Concentration: Earth Science with Teacher Licensure (APC 2)

SD0401F: Vision Statement (IDC 1)

SD0501F: UPC Composition (Revision of SD4201S) (IDC 2)

SD0601F: IEC Composition (Revision of SD4301S) (IDC 3)

SD0701F: UNCA Goals (IDC 4)

SD0801F: Task Force on Faculty Work Load (Charge and Membership) (EC 1)

SD0901F: Changes to Drama Requirements for 6-9 Language Arts Licensure and
9-12 English Licensure (APC 4)

SD1001F: IST: Revision of the Application Process for an Individual Degree (APC 5)

SD1101F: IST: Addition of 490, and 495 to course listings (APC 7)

SD1202S: Change in course credit hours & description of MGMT 499 (APC 9)

SD1302S: Change in course credit hours & description of ACCT 499 (APC 10)

SD1402S: Change in name for AACSB (APC 11)

SD1502S: New course additions for Environmental Studies in Ornithology (APC 12)

SD1602S: New course additions for Biology in Ornithology (APC 13)

SD1702S: Curriculum changes in Philosophy (APC 14)

SD1802S: Additions, deletions & changes in Engineering course offerings & descriptions (APC 15)

SD1902S: Curriculum additions, changes and deletions in Mass Communication (APC 21)

SD2002S: Absence from Class Policy (APC 22)

SD2102S: Faculty Rights and Responsibilities (revision of SD0294F) (FWDC 2)

SD2202S: Statement on the Creation and Maintenance of University-wide Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces (FWDC 1)

SD2302S: Honor Code (APC 3)

SD2402S: Addendum to UNCA Honor Code (SD2302S)

SD2502S: Political Science: Deletion of POLS 120 & 180; Addition of POLS 150 (APC 23)

SD2602S: Political Science: Changes to 363, 365, 387; Addition of 331, 366, 369, 380, 384 and 389 (APC 24)

SD2702S: Computer Science: New course titles and descriptions for CSCI 244, 344, 444 (APC 25)

SD2802S: Multimedia Arts and Sciences Catalog Changes (APC 26)

SD2902S: Requirements for the Majors in French and French with Teacher Licensure (APC 27)

SD3002S: Catalog changes in Economics (APC 28)

SD3102S: Changes in Literature Seminars in Majors Authors; Deletion of LIT 481 (APC 29)

SD3202S: Change of LR 102 to a Term I Offering (APC 30)

SD3302S: Deletion of Courses Mandated by Sunset Policy (SD0489F) (APC 31)

SD3402S: Proposal to Establish Intellectual Property Committee (FWDC 3)

SD3502S: Revision of UNCA Tenure Policies and Regulations (EC 2)

SD3602S: Tenure Task Force Revisions to Faculty Handbook (EC 3)

SD3702S: Proposed Change to the Academic Calendar (APC 34)

SD3802S: Addition of Legal Studies Minor (APC 32)

SD3902S: Change in Prerequisite Requirement for POLS 327 and 330 (APC 33)

SD4002S: Change in IEC Composition (Revision of SD4301S) (IDC 5)

SD4102S: Sense of the Senate Resolution re: Faculty Salary Report (FWDC 4)