Senate Document Number   0701F

Date of Senate Approval   11/08/01

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

IDC 4:   UNCA Goals

Preface: During the last two years the University Planning Council has reexamined and revised UNCA's Mission and Guiding Concepts in light of campus input, the Alternate Self-Study for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Chancellor's Task Forces on Community Partnerships, Diversity and Retention. The revised Mission was passed by the Faculty Senate as SD5300S and subsequently adopted by the UNCA Board of Trustees on August 24, 2000 and the revised Guiding Concepts were passed by the Faculty Senate as SD3201S and subsequently adopted by the UNCA Board of Trustees on March 11, 2001. Given the reexamination and revision of UNCA's Mission and Guiding Concepts, the Goals of UNCA were then considered.

Recommendation: As a result of the University Planning Council's consideration, it unanimously recommends the following Goals.

UNCA Institutional Goals

1. Provide a superior liberal arts education emphasizing undergraduate learning, exemplary teaching and an interdisciplinary approach to understanding. (Guiding Concepts I, IV, V and VII)

2. Create, maintain and enhance an academic community that is diverse and collaborative. (Guiding Concept II)

3. Support the personal growth of students, staff and faculty. (Guiding Concept VI) 

4. Provide diverse co-curricular experiences. (Guiding Concept IX)

5. Foster creative, scholarly and collaborative activities with an emphasis on student involvement. (Guiding Concept VIII)

6. Participate in the community and serve as a model of environmental awareness and responsibility. (Guiding Concepts III and X)

7. Maintain lifelong relationships among all members of the UNCA community. (Guiding Concept XI)

Rationale: The Goals are derived directly from the Guiding Concepts, which in turn relate directly to the Mission. In this form the values and purposes of UNCA are given an expression which is particularly adapted for the purposes of institutional effectiveness and university planning.