2016-17 Senate Documents

2016-2017 Faculty Senate Documents Spreadsheet

2016-17 Faculty Senate Legislation

SD0116F:        2016-17 Standing Rules and Rules of Order 

SD0216F:        Proposed Academic Calendars 2017-2018: Final draft 2018-2019: Preliminary draft (APC 1) 

SD0316F:        Dissolving the Policy Regarding Excusing Seniors from Final Exams During the Last Semester of Their Program (APC 2) 

SD0416F:        Clarify Membership of the Teaching Awards Committee to Include Only Full-Time Faculty Members (FWDC 1) 

SD0516F:        Revisions to the Institutional Effectiveness Committee (FWDC 2) 

SD0616F:        Revise the curriculum for the Dance minor (APC 3) 

SD0716F:        Elimination of the Honors LA 178 Requirement for Honors Students; Revise the Criteria to Remain in Good Standing in the Honors Program (APC 4) 

SD0816F:        Add new courses in International Studies and Asian Studies: INTS/ASIA 305, Close Encounters of the Third Kind: East Asian Cultures through Film; INTS/ASIA 310, East Asian Literature in Translation (APC 5) 

SD0916F:        Exclude ATMS 381-3, 490 and 499 from the minor in Atmospheric Sciences (APC 6) 

SD1016F:        Faculty Mentoring and Evaluation (FWDC 3)  

SD1117S:        Delete ASTR 101 and 111, replacing with ASTR 102, 103, 112, and 113; Add ASTR 301; Delete ASTR 321, 322, replacing with ASTR 321; Delete ASTR 411, 412, replacing with ASTR 320 and ASTR 420; Delete ASTR 430, 431, replacing with ASTR 430 (APC 8)  

SD1217S:        Changing the Requirements for the Astronomy Minor (APC 9)  

SD1317S:        Revise the description of ENVR 381 and add a prerequisite (APC 10)  

SD1417S:        Adding two new courses to Environmental Studies: ENVR 349, Field Herpetology and ENVR 391, Conservation Biology (APC 11)  

SD1517S:        Reduce the core course requirements in the ENVR major; Increase the number of credit hours required for individual concentrations; Modify the requirements for the ecology concentration (APC 12)  

SD1617S:        Revise Advanced Placement (AP) Credit for Physics; Revise International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit for Physics (APC 13)  

SD1717S:        Edit the PHIL 101 course description (APC 14)  

SD1817S:        Add new courses in Philosophy: PHIL 217, Buddhist Philosophy PHIL 321, Philosophy of Disability PHIL 323, Philosophy of Third World Feminism (APC 15)  

SD1917S:        Addition of a two course sequence (PHIL 497 and 498) for the Senior Thesis (APC 16)  

SD2017S:        Revise the requirements for the major and minor in Philosophy (APC 17)  

SD2117S:        Require Use of Academic Alerts in all 100-level Courses (APC 18)  

SD2217S:        Delete the following courses: ANTH 280, SOC 358, SOC 364 (APC 19)  

SD2317S:        Change Title and Description of SOC 221 (APC 20) 

SD2417S:        Change title and description of the senior capstone courses, SOC/ANTH 464 (APC 21) 

SD2517S:       Change the major requirements for Anthropology and Sociology (APC 22)  

SD2617S:       Change the Psychology Curriculum from 3 credit hours to 4, revising course descriptions as necessary; Change the Psychology major and minor requirements, and the requirements to declare a major (APC 23)  

SD2717S:       Changes to Prerequisites for MGMT 323, 352, 363, 380, 386, 398, 489, 499, and ACCT 499 (APC 24)  

SD2817S:       Add new elective courses: MGMT 324 Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management, MGMT 405 Advanced Topics in Global Business; Change title and descriptions for MGMT 343; Delete MGMT 403, replacing with MGMT 407 (APC 25)  

SD2917S:       Add new course, MGMT 488, Consulting Practicum; Add MGMT 488 to the Experiential Learning Options for the Management Major (APC 26)  

SD3017S:       Changes to the Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Business, Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Leadership Emphasis Areas in Management (APC 27)  

SD3117S:       Delete ACCT 320, 341 and 411 (APC 28)  

SD3217S:       Add new elective: ACCT 342, VITA Service Learning (APC 29)  

SD3317S:       Change in prerequisites for ACCT 317 (APC 30)  

SD3417S:      Change the requirements for the ACCT Major and Minor (APC 31)  

SD3517S:       Change the descriptions for SPAN 300 and 483; Change Competencies and Capstone Requirements for Spanish (APC 32)  

SD3617S:       Add new course, SPAN 401, Internship (APC 33)  

SD3717S:       Delete MLAS 690 and remove it as an optional degree requirement (APC 34)  

SD3817S:       Delete POLS 393 and POLS 394, replacing with POLS 396 (APC 35)  

SD3917S:       Edit offering pattern information for most 300-level POLS courses; Change offering pattern information for POLS 240, 261, 281, 327 and 330 (APC 36)  

SD4017S:       Change the titles of MUSC 348 and 349 (APC 37)  

SD4117S:       Change competency requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Music (APC 38)  

SD4217S:       Add new courses, WLNG 110 and 120, Cherokee I and II (APC 39)  

SD4317S:       Add a Minor in American Indian and Indigenous Studies located in Interdisciplinary Studies (APC 40)  Addendum

SD4417S:       Change “Optional Interdisciplinary Clusters” to “Optional Interdisciplinary Certificates” (APC 41) Addendum 

SD4517S:       Community Engagement and Faculty Evaluation Faculty Handbook Sections 3.3.3,,, (FWDC 4)  

SD4617S:       Revising the University Service Council (Faculty Handbook 10.3.7) (FWDC 5)  

SD4717S:       Minor revisions regarding Senior Lecturers Revision to Faculty Handbook Sections and 14.2 (FWDC 6) 

SD4817S:       Add two New Media courses, NM 146, Video Game Studies, and NM 360, Digital Creation Lab: 3D Printing (APC 42)  

SD4917S:       Delete NM 222 and change prerequisites for NM 310, 320, 330, 332, 340, 350, 420 and 438 (APC 43)  

SD5017S:       Change NM 332 from 2 to 4 credit hours (APC 44)  

SD5117S:       Change the requirements for the New Media major and minor (APC 45)  

SD5217S:       Add new course, IST 220, Art and Science of Meditation (APC 46)  

SD5317S:       Add Interdisciplinary Cluster in Contemplative Inquiry (APC 47)  

SD5417S:       Establish an Arts Management and Entrepreneurship concentration and minor within Interdisciplinary Studies (APC 48)  Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 4-Year Plans

SD5517S:       Change prerequisites for ARTH 420 Museum Studies to align with Arts Emphasis Area electives for Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Concentration and open course to non-majors (APC 7)  

SD5617S:       Removal of the Music Business Emphasis Area; Changes to the Experiential Learning Options for the Management Major (APC 49)  

SD5717S:       Increase the number of hours students may use to replace grades under the Repeat Course Policy (APC 50)  

SD5817S:       Change to the Class Withdrawal Deadline (APC 51)  

SD5917S:       Change prerequisites for MATH 365 and MATH/CSCI 441 (APC 52)  

SD6017S:       Add CSCI 183 as a replacement to CSCI 181; Delete CSCI 181, reinstating CSCI 201 into the curriculum; Change titles and course descriptions of CSCI 182, 185, 202; (APC 53)  

SD6117S:       Change titles, course descriptions and/or prerequisites for CSCI 333, 343, 344, 346, 431 and 434 (APC 54)  

SD6217S:       Delete CSCI 255, 320 and 331, replacing with CSCI 235, Systems I and CSCI 335, Systems II (APC 55)  

SD6317S:       Add new courses, CSCI 312, 347 and 412 to the curriculum (APC 56)  

SD6417S:      Delete CSCI 448; Add new course, CSCI 338 (APC 57)  

SD6517S:       Delete CSCI 462; Add new courses, CSCI 280, 480 and 481 (APC 58)  

SD6617S:       Change the major and minor requirements for Computer Science (APC 59)  COPLAC Hours

SD6717S:       Update AP and IB credit for Computer Science (APC 60)  

SD6817S:       Delete SOC 240, Evolution, Revolution and Social Change; Replace with SOC 352, Social Movements and Democracy (APC 61)  

SD6917S:       Increase Credit Hours and Change Course Description of HWP 310 (APC 62)  

SD7017S:       Revise the Major and Minor Requirements for Health and Wellness Promotion (APC 63)  

SD7117S:       Add Internship Opportunities to the catalog with reference to where policies are available (APC 64)  

SD7217S:       Add new EDUC courses, EDUC 303 and 439 (APC 65)  

SD7317S:       Change Requirements for Teacher Licensure and Education Courses (APC 66)  

SD7417S:       Add Advanced Placement Credit for Human Geography (APC 67)  

SD7517S:       Change the criteria for receiving credit for LANG 120 from Advanced Placement (APC 68)  

SD7617S:       Sunsetting Courses (APC 69)  

SD7717S:       Supplemental Pay Policy (FWDC 7)  

SD7817S:       Revising Eligibility to Vote in Faculty Elections (FWDC 8)  

SD7917S:       Membership and Role of the LAC Advisory Committee (FWDC 9)  

SD8017S:       Creation of Faculty Ombuds Team (FWDC 10)  

SD8117S:       Reduction in the Required Number of Nominees for the Academic Board of Appeals Election (FWDC 11)  

SD8217S:       Remove University Relations Faculty Advisory Committee (FWDC 12)  

SD8317S:       Revisions to CTF and PTR Dossiers (FWDC 13)  

2016-17 Sense of Senate Resolutions


SSR0116F:        Sense of the Faculty Senate of UNC Asheville in Support of Resolution 2016-1 On the Governance Implications of North Carolina Session Law 2016-94 Approved by the UNC Faculty Assembly September 02, 2016 

SSR0216F:        Sense of the Faculty Senate of UNC Asheville reaffirms faculty's commitment in vigorously providing and assuring a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community of learning that promotes open, honest, and respectful exchange of ideas unmistakably and unequivocally free from harassment and threats