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    1.1 History and Organization of the University of North Carolina System
        1.1.1 History
        1.1.2 Board of Governors, the President, and Office of the President
   Board of Governors
   The Code of the University of North Carolina/UNC Policy Manual
   The President
   The University of North Carolina System Office
        1.1.3 UNC Faculty Assembly

    1.2 History of the University of North Carolina Asheville

    1.3 Planning Guidelines for UNC Asheville
        1.3.1 Objectives
        1.3.2 Mission Statement
        1.3.3 Strategic Plan

    1.4 Administrative Structure
        1.4.1 Board of Trustees
        1.4.2 Chancellor
        1.4.3 Academic Affairs
        Department Chairs
       Academic Program Directors
       The Faculty Body
        1.4.4 Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA)
        1.4.5 Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations (VCFO)
        1.4.6 Chief of Staff

        1.4.7 Athletics Director and Senior Administrator for University Enterprises

    1.5 Budget Process for Academic Areas
        1.5.1 State Budget Process
        1.5.2 Budget Procedures at UNC Asheville

    1.6 FORMS for Section 1.0


    2.1 Faculty Status and Rank - Definitions
        2.1.1 Terminal Degree Policy of the UNC System
        2.1.2 Faculty Ranks
   Non Tenurable Ranks
   Emeriti Faculty
   Tenurable Ranks (see Section 14.2. for further explanation)
   Part-time, continuing contract

    2.2 Budgeted Faculty Positions

    2.3 Allocation of Faculty Positions

    2.4 Faculty Searches
        2.4.1 Affirmative Action

   2.5.Procedures for Recruitment and Hiring

   2.6 Contracts - Full-time
        2.6.1 General
        2.6.2 Joint Appointments

    2.7 Contracts - Adjunct
        2.7.1 Decision to Hire
        2.7.2 Responsibilities
        2.7.3 Application and Contract
        2.7.4 Teaching Responsibilities
        2.7.5 Salary and Fringe Benefits
        2.7.6 Perquisites
        2.7.7 Summer School

    2.8 Faculty Personnel Records
        2.8.1 Purpose/Location
        2.8.2 Content
        2.8.3 Access

    2.9 Faculty Salary
        2.9.1 Salary Budget
        2.9.2 Compensation Practices
   Payroll Periods (dates)
   Salary Increases
        2.9.3 Payroll Withholding

       2.9.4 Supplemental Pay Policy
  Supplemental Pay from Internal Funds
  Supplemental Pay from External Funds

    2.10 Fringe Benefits
    2.11 Termination Procedures

    2.12 Retirement
        2.12.1 Retirement
        2.12.2 Phased Retirement Program
   Eligibility and Approval
   Terms and Conditions
   General Provisions


    3.1 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
        3.1.1 Academic Freedom
        3.1.2 Duties of Department Chairs/Program Directors
        3.1.3 Campus Governance Participation (see Section 10.1)
        3.1.4 Instructional Activities
   Teaching Responsibilities
       Compensation for Overload Teaching
       Independent and Special Topics Courses
       Faculty Reassigned Time Policy
       Reassigned Time Policy for Department Chairs/Program Directors
       Teaching Opportunities
   Office Hours
   Meeting Classes
       Faculty meeting regularly scheduled classes
       Class Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather
       Snow/Late Start Schedule
       Students Attending Class
   Approval of Candidates for Degrees
        3.1.5 Patent and Copyright Procedures (see Section 9.4)
        3.1.6 Political Activities of University Employees (see Section 13.2.5)

    3.2 Other Employment Opportunities
        3.2.1 Employment Opportunities in Special Programs
        3.2.2 Faculty Exchanges (see Section 4.2.3)
        3.2.3 Summer Programs Abroad
        3.2.4 Summer School Employment

    3.3 Evaluation of Faculty Members
        3.3.1 Types of Evaluations
        3.3.2 Philosophy behind Evaluation of Faculty Members
   Objectives of Evaluation
   Important Considerations in Personnel Evaluations
        3.3.3 Criteria in Evaluations
       Student Feedback on Instruction
       Peer Review of Teaching
   Scholarship and Creative Activity
        3.3.4 Reappointment of Department Chairs
        3.3.5 Reappointment of Program Directors

    3.4 Annual Evaluation of Faculty
        3.4.1 Purpose
        3.4.2 Procedure

        3.4.3 Merit Evaluation Categories

        3.4.4 Annual Evaluation of Chairs and Program Directors

    3.5 Policies and Procedures Governing Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion
        3.5.1 Institutional Policies on Personnel Decisions
        3.5.2 Policy on the Granting of Rank and Tenure to Administrators
        3.5.3 Guidelines for Awarding of Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion to Faculty
        3.5.4 Procedure for Evaluating Faculty Members for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion
   Summary of Evaluation Procedure
   Documents for Evaluation by the Office of Academic Affairs
   Guidelines for Preparation of Documents by Candidates
   Guidelines for Preparation of Documents by Chairs/Directors

    3.6 Grievance Procedure
        3.6.0 Process for Filing a Grievance   
        3.6.1 Grievance Committee Organization
        3.6.2 Initial Screening
        3.6.3 Mediation
        3.6.4 Formal Inquiry

    3.7 Post-Tenure Review
        3.7.1 Objectives of Post-Tenure Review
        3.7.2 Procedure for Evaluation
        3.7.3 Results of Post-Tenure Review

    3.8 FORMS for Section 3.0


    4.1 Faculty Professional Development
        4.1.1 Doctoral Study Program
        4.1.2 Faculty Exchanges
        4.1.3 Institutional Grants (see Section 6.5)
        4.1.4 Professional Development Leave
   Fulbright Awarads and other Fellowships
        4.1.5 Professional Travel Policy
        4.1.6 Tuition free courses for Faculty and Staff (see Section 7.17)
        4.1.7 Center for Teaching and Learning (see Section 11.9)
        4.1.8 Mentoring Program for New Faculty

    4.2 Faculty Leaves of Absence
        4.2.1 With Pay
   Special Assignments
   Family and Medical Leave
   Leaves Paid by Non-State Funds
        4.2.2 Without Pay
   Elected Office and Civil Leaves (see Section 13.2.5)
   Requested Unpaid Leave

   4.3 Working Conditions
        4.3.1 Academic Regalia
        4.3.2 Alcoholic Beverage Policy (see Section 7.1)
        4.3.3 Attendance at Faculty Meetings and Formal Exercises
        4.3.4 Drug Abuse and Controlled Substance Policy (see Section 7.5)
        4.3.5 Office Support
   Office Space and Clerical Assistance
   Computer Services (see Section 5.3)
   Mail Services (see Section 7.11)
   Ordering Equipment and Supplies
        4.3.6 Research Policies
   Animal Subjects Policy
       Policies and Procedures
   Institutional Review Board (formerly Human Subjects) Policy
       Policies and Procedures
   Research Misconduct Policy
        4.3.7 Smoking Policy (see Section 7.14)
        4.3.8 Policy on Children in the Workplace
        4.3.9 Employment/Supervision of Related Persons (see Section 13.2.2)
        4.3.10 Mediation Center (deleted April 2015)
        4.3.11 Non-Discrimination: Ethnic/Gender/Sexual Orientation
        4.3.12 Sexual Harassment
        4.3.13 Workplace Violence
        4.3.14 Conflict of Interest
        4.3.15 Computing and Networking Usage
        4.3.16 Academic Affairs E-mail Lists

    4.4 FORMS for Section 4.0


    5.1 Bookstore

    5.2 Classroom Policies
        5.2.1 Evaluating Students
                 Prohibited Conduct (UNC Policy Manual 300.4.1 A)
   Entering Academic Alerts, Reporting Grades, and Returning Student Work
   Final Examinations Policy
   Class Attendance
   Faculty of Record
        5.2.2 Instructional Space
        5.2.3 Material written by faculty members
        5.2.4 Photocopying Materials
        5.2.5 Syllabus and Class Policies
        5.2.6 Working with Students with Disabilities
   Working with Students who have Learning Disabilities
   Working with Students who have Emotional Disorders
        5.2.7 Textbooks
        5.2.8 Videotaping Policy
        5.2.9 Student Travel
        5.2.10 Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

    5.3 Information Technology Services (ITS)
        5.3.1 ITS Services for Faculty
        5.3.2 ITS Policies
        5.3.3 Academic Affairs Email Lists

    5.4 Curricular Change
        5.4.1 Curriculum/Catalog Changes
        5.4.2 Program Changes

    5.5 Academic Administration

    5.6 Library & Teaching and Learning with Technology Resources

    5.7 Copy Center (formerly Printing Services)

    5.8 Communication and Marketing

    5.9 FORMS for Section 5.0  


    6.1 Honorary Degrees

    6.2 Special Awards
        6.2.1 Feldman Professor
        6.2.2 Teaching Awards
   UNC Asheville Distinguished Teacher Award
   Board of Governors' Award for Teaching Excellence
   Award for Teaching Excellence in the Humanities
   Award for Teaching Excellence in the Natural Sciences
   Award for Teaching Excellence in the Social Sciences
   Award for Excellent Teaching by an Untenured Faculty Member
   Award for Excellent Teaching by a Non-Full-Time Faculty Member
   Award for Excellent Teaching in University Programs
        6.2.3 Distinguished Service Award
        6.2.4 Distinguished Scholarship and Creative Achievement Award
        6.2.5 Oliver Max Gardner Award - Board of Governors

    6.3 Visiting Professorships
        6.3.1 Bergemann Distinguished Visiting Professor
        6.3.2 Highsmith Distinguished Visiting Educator

    6.4 Endowed Professorships
        6.4.1 Belk Professor (Humanities)
        6.4.2 Carson Professor (Natural Sciences)
        6.4.3 Glaxo Professor (Natural Sciences)
        6.4.4 Breman Professor (Social Sciences)
        6.4.5 NEH Professor (Humanities)
        6.4.6 Owen Professor (Economics)
        6.4.7 GlaxoSmithKline Professor (Molecular and Chemical Biology)
        6.4.8 Roy Carroll Distinguished Professorship (Arts and Sciences Honors)
        6.4.9 Howerton Professor (Humanities)
        6.4.10 Interdisciplinary Distinguished Professor of the Mountain South (Any field)

    6.5 Institutional Grants
        6.5.1 University Research Council Grants
        6.5.2 University Teaching Council Grants
        6.5.3 University Service Council Grants

    6.6 FORMS for Section 6.0


    7.1 Alcoholic Beverage Policy

    7.2 Budget Process for Academic Areas (see Section 1.5)

    7.3 Campus Closing
        7.3.1 Holidays
        7.3.2 Inclement Weather (see Section

    7.4 Academic Calendar

    7.5 Drug Abuse and Controlled Substance Policy

    7.6 Emergency Loan Fund

    7.7 Emergency Response

    7.8 Faculty and Staff Assistance Programs

    7.9 Faculty Guests

    7.10 Keys

    7.11 Mail Service

    7.12 Parking and Traffic Policies

    7.13 Safety Health and Environmental Policy

    7.14 Smoking Policy

    7.15 Telephone Use

    7.16 Travel Regulations (see Section 4.1.5)

    7.17 Tuition Free Courses for Faculty and Staff

    7.18 Use of or Access to University Facilities

    7.19 Use of State Owned Vehicles (see Section and UNCA PPM #1)

    7.20 FORMS for Section 7.0


    8.1 Student Handbook

    8.2 Awards and Grants
        8.2.1 Recognition of Student Achievements
        8.2.2 Scholarships
        8.2.3 Undergraduate Research Council

    8.3 Rights and Responsibilities
        8.3.1 Academic Honesty
        8.3.2 Policy on Academic Misconduct
        8.3.3 Class Attendance (see Section
        8.3.4 Student Grievance Procedure
        8.3.5 Student Referrals (Disruptive Behavior)

    8.4 Organizations
        8.4.1 Student Government Association (SGA)

    8.5 Student Conduct Code

    8.6 Student Counseling and Career Advising
        8.6.1 Counseling Center
        8.6.2 Career Center

    8.7 FORMS for Section 8.0


    9.1 Prospect Clearance (Fund Raising)
        9.1.1 Raffles

    9.2 Grants and Contracts

    9.3 Ulmstead Act

    9.4 Intellectual Property
        9.4.1  Patent Policy

    9.5 Political Activity (see Section 13.2.5)

    9.6 Publicity for Faculty Activities

    9.7 University Research Relations with Private Enterprise and on Publication of Research Findings (see UNCA PPM #37)

    9.8 FORMS for Section 9.0


    10.1 Governance
        10.1.1 University Planning Council (UPC)
        10.1.2 Position Allocation Committee (PAC)
        10.1.3 Faculty Senate
   Requirement for Two Readings of All Matters of Policy
   Computerized Senate Document System

    10.2 Elections by the Faculty
        10.2.1 Eligibility and Election Procedures
   Eligibility to Vote
   Eligibility to Stand Elections
   Election Procedures
        10.2.2 Faculty Senate
   Executive Committee (EC)
   Academic Policy Committee (APC)
   Institutional Development Committee (IDC)
   Faculty Welfare and Development Committee (FWDC)
        10.2.3 Committee of the Tenured Faculty (CTF)
        10.2.4 Faculty Committee on Hearings (FCH)
        10.2.5 Faculty Grievance Committee (FGC)
        10.2.6 Post-Tenure Review Committee (PTRC)
        10.2.7 Academic Appeals Board (AAB)
        10.2.8 UNC Faculty Assembly

       10.3 Committees Whose Members Are Elected by Faculty Senate
        10.3.1 Distinguished Scholars Committee
        10.3.2 Minority Affairs Commission
        10.3.3 Faculty Conciliators
        10.3.4 Faculty Scholarship and Service Awards Committee (previously Feldman)
        10.3.5 University Research Council (URC)
        10.3.6 University Teaching Council (UTC)
        10.3.7 University Service Council (USC)
        10.3.8 ILS Oversight Committee (ISLOC) (dissolved)
        10.3.9 Graduate Council - MLA
        10.3.10 University Relations Faculty Advisory (dissolved)
        10.3.11 Intellectual Property Committee   (See Section 9.4)
        10.3.12 UNC Asheville University Foundation Board
        10.3.13 Student Affairs Faculty Advisory Committee
        10.3.14 Textbook Committee

        10.3.15 Institutional Effectiveness Committee
        10.3.16 Salary and Compensation Committee

    10.4 Committees Whose Members are Appointed (Standing Committees)
        10.4.1 General Information on Standing Committees
   How Standing Committees Are Created
   How Standing Committees Operate
   Required Reporting of Committee Activity
   Alphabetized List of Standing Committees
  Treatment of faculty members on standing committees who go on approved leave
        10.4.2 Campus Commission on the Allocation of Student Services Funds (eliminated)
        10.4.3 Position Allocation Committee
        10.4.4 Library and Instructional Technology Committee (dissolved)
        10.4.5 Cultural and Special Events Committee
        10.4.6 Sustainability Council
        10.4.7 Enrollment Services Advisory
        10.4.8 University School Teacher Education Council (formerly FACTE)
        10.4.9 Honors Program Advisory Committee
        10.4.10 Honors and Degree Programs
        10.4.11 Intercollegiate Athletic Committee
        10.4.12 International Programs Advisory Committee
        10.4.13 Environmental Health and Safety Committee
        10.4.14 Sustainability Committee (disbanded see 10.4.6)
        10.4.15 Transportation Committee
        10.4.16 University Scholarship and Financial Aid
        10.4.17 Adjunct Faculty Committee (eliminated)
        10.4.18 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
        10.4.19 First Year Experience Advisory (integrated into ILSOC) (new committee implemented see Section 10.4.37)
        10.4.20 Institutional Review Board
(formerly Human Subjects)
        10.4.21 Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee
        10.4.22 Graduate Council (moved to another section) see Section 10.3.9
        10.4.23 Undergraduate Research Program Advisory Committee
        10.4.24 Women's Studies Advisory Committee (eliminated)
        10.4.25 Asheville Institute Advisory Committee (AIAC) (eliminated)
        10.4.26 Aesthetics Advisory (eliminated 04/30/2015)
        10.4.27 Africana Studies Advisory Council
        10.4.28 Sexual Harassment Advisory Committee (eliminated)
        10.4.29 Teaching Awards Committee
        10.4.30 Teaching Fellows Advisory Council (dissolved)
        10.4.31 Violence Prevention (reassigned to Public Safety & Student Affairs)
        10.4.32 Lab Safety Committee (formerly Radiation Safety Committee) (dissolved 11/4/21)
        10.4.33 Key Center Advisory Committee

        10.4.34 Inquiry Arc Advisory Committee (dissolved)

        10.4.35 Liberal Arts Core Advisory Committee

        10.4.36 Diversity Intensive Committee

        10.4.37 First Year Experience Advisory Committee

        10.4.38 Writing and Information Information Literacy in the Discipline Advisory Committee (WILDAC)
        10.4.39 Student Feedback on Instruction Review Committee
        10.4.40 Institutional Biosafety Committee
        10.4.41 Classroom Committee

    10.5 Individual Service Appointments
        10.5.1 Faculty Handbook Editor
        10.5.2 Humanities Director
        10.5.3 Arts and Ideas Director
        10.5.4 Director of the Honors Program
        10.5.5 Director of the Undergraduate Research Program
        10.5.6 Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
        10.5.7 Director of the Key Center for Community Citizenship and Service Learning
        10.5.8 Director of Interdisciplinary Studies
        10.5.9 Director of International Programs
        10.5.10 Staff Council Faculty Liaison
        10.5.11 Faculty Athletic Representative

        10.5.12 Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinators
        10.5.13 Faculty Ombuds
        10.5.14 Diversity Intensive Coordinator
        10.5.15 Director of First and Second Year Academic Success

    10.6 Time-Limited Committees
        10.6.1 Academic Department/Program Committees
        10.6.2 Institutional Self Study/Accreditation
        10.6.3 Administrator Search Committees (see Section 2.4 for Faculty Searches)
        10.6.4 Other Ad Hoc Committees and Task Forces

    10.7 FORMS for Section 10.0


    11.1 Arts and Performances

    11.2 Honors Program

    11.3 Undergraduate Research Program

    11.4 Study Abroad/Study Away

    11.5 Center for Teaching and Learning

    11.6 Key Center for Community Citizenship and Service Learning

    11.7 University Writing Center

    11.8 Joe Parsons Math Lab

    11.9  Asheville Graduate Center

    11.10 Center for Jewish Studies

    11.11 Integrative Liberal Studies Colloquia (integrated into LACC)

    11.12 Highsmith Center Services

    11.13 Student Health Services

    11.14 Justice Health and Fitness Center 

    11.15 Asheville Initiative for Mathematics

    11.16 Center for Diversity Education

    11.17 Craft Studies Initiative

    11.18 Family Business Forum

    11.19 Great Smokies Writing Program

    11.20 FORMS for Section 11.0


    12.1 Mossbauer Effect Data Center (closed 12/31/09)

    12.2 North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement

    12.3 Environmental Quality Institute (closed 12/31/09)

    12.4  Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI)

    12.5 Pisgah Astronomical Research and Education Center (PARSEC)

    12.6 Center for Craft, Creativity and Design (CCCD)

    12.7 NC Center for Health and Wellness

    12.8 National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center (NEMAC)

    12.9 Asheville Graduate Center

    12.10 World Affairs Council

    12.11 State Employees' Association

    12.12 State Employees' Credit Union

    12.13 FORMS for Section 12.0


    13.1 The Code
        13.1.1 The Code - Chapter VI - Academic Freedom and Tenure        
        13.1.2 The Code - Chapter V, Section 502 Chancellors of Constituent Institutions
        13.1.3 The Code - Appendix - Delegation of Duty and Authority to Boards of Trustees

    13.2 Other UNC Board of Governor's Policies on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
        13.2.1 Board of Governors Doctoral Study Assignment Program
        13.2.2 Employment of Related Persons (Anti-Nepotism Policy)
        13.2.3 Conflict of Interest and Commitment
        13.2.4 Guidance on External Professional Activities of Faculty and Professional Staff
        13.2.5 Political Activities of University Employees

    13.3 FORMS for Section 13.0


    14.1 Constitution of the Faculty Senate

    14.2 UNC Asheville Tenure Policies and Regulations

    14.3 UNC Asheville Catalog

    14.4 FORMS for Section 14.0