2018-19 Senate Documents

2018-19 Senate Legislation Spreadsheet

2018-19 Faculty Senate Legislation

SD0118F:       2018-19 Standing Rules and Rules of Order 

SD0218F:        Letter of Intent: M.P.H. Masters in Public Health (IDC 1) 

SD0318F:        Repeal SD8208S (PDLs and Faculty Senate) Faculty Handbook Section (FWDC 1) 

SD0418F:        Dissolving the Inquiry ARC Advisory Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.34) (FWDC 2) 

SD0518F:        Retitle HUM 414 and revise the course description (APC 1) 

SD0618F:        Add new courses, CCS 681, ECS 681 and ENG 681 to the MLAS curriculum (APC 2) 

SD0718F:        Rename the Department of Physics to the Department of Physics and Astronomy; Move the catalog listing for the Astronomy minor into the section for Physics (APC 3) 

SD0818F:        Delete Health and Physical Education Licensure from both the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Wellness (APC 4) 

SD0918F:        Remove the MATH/STAT course requirements for Math majors under Middle School requirements (APC 5) 

SD1018F:        Add new course, SOC 405, Sociology Internship Project, making it an option for the Sociology major capstone/ competency requirement (APC 6)  

SD1118F:        Update credit for Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles Exam (APC 7)  

SD1218F:        Dissolving the Library and Instructional Technology Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.4) (FWDC 3)  

SD1319S:        Add new courses: NEUR 410, NEUR 490, and NEUR 499; Change description of NEUR 480; (APC 8)  

SD1419S:        Update the narrative for the Neuroscience minor; Update the electives for the Neuroscience minor (APC 9)  

SD1519S:        Change the titles of ECON 305 and ECON 306 (APC 10)  

SD1619S:        Change offering frequency for ECON 314 and 355 (APC 11)  

SD1719S:        Delete ECON 230, 310, 330, 360, and 367 (APC 12)  

SD1819S:        Add new courses: ECON 317, 331, and 338 (APC 13)  

SD1919S:        Revised 2019-2020 academic calendar (APC 16)  

2018-19 Sense of Senate Resolutions


SSR0118F:       Sense of the Faculty Senate of UNC Asheville regarding the Creation of the Task Force on Total Compensation (EC 1)