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Senate Document Number†† ††2005S


Date of Senate Approval†††† 03/03/05††




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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



Executive Committee Document2:†† Changes in Faculty Handbook Editor (Revision of SD3485)



Effective Date:Immediately


The Executive Committee recommends that the Faculty Senate Secretary serve as Editor of the Faculty Handbook.The Senate Secretary will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Handbook. The Chair of the Faculty Senate supervises the Senate Secretary in this as in all other matters.




10.5.1 Faculty Handbook Editor (formerly 10.9.6) (SD4385)


Duties:  Action by the Faculty Senate, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee, specified appointment of a faculty member as editor of the Faculty Handbook. The editor is responsible for maintaining the Handbook through annual revisions and reports both to the VCAA and the Chair of the Faculty Senate.

Appointed by:  the Faculty Senate with approval of the VCAA

Term of Appointment:  2 years, renewable


Replace with:


10.5.1 Faculty Handbook Editor††† (SD2005S)


The Senate Secretary shall act as the Faculty Handbook Editor. The editor is responsible for maintaining the Handbook through annual revisions and reports to the Chair of the Faculty Senate.




On first page of Faculty Handbook directly under the title



Edited by Name of Senate Secretary, Faculty Senate Secretary. Comments can be sent to e-mail address of Senate Secretary.




The Senate Secretary keeps electronic versions of the Senate Documents. The Faculty Handbook is now an electronic document and the Secretary can efficiently make needed revisions of Senate actions. The Senate Secretary shall also make revisions required by actions of the Office of the President and Academic and Student Affairs. We recommend that this arrangement be reviewed in Spring 2007 and periodically thereafter to assure that the workload of the Secretary is equitable and that the necessary coordination with Academic and Student Affairs is taking place.


Since 1986, we have had a policy that called for the appointment of a Faculty Editor but in fact revisions were handled on an ad hoc basis until recently. A review of the policy in Fall 2004 by the Executive Committee and the Provostís office led to the conclusion that this could be handled efficiently by the Senate Secretary freeing faculty member for other tasks.