University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, April 30, 2009 (4:30 pm)




Members:   C. Bell, G. Boudreaux, L. Dohse, G. Ettari, B. Haas, G. Heard, J. Konz, B. Larson,

                 A. Lanou, K. Moorhead, L. Nelms, E. Pearson, D. Pierce, K. Reynolds, L. Russell,

                 Alternates: C. Bennett, R. Berls, M. Sidelnick; J. Fernandes.


Excused:    V. Frank


2008-09 Senate Chair presiding:  L. Dohse


Visitors:      L. Langrall, A. Shope, T. Tieman.



I.       Call to Order and Announcements

         Dr. Dohse called the 2009-10 Faculty Senate organization meeting to order at 4:25 pm and welcomed new Senators and guests.


II.      Election of Officers

         Executive Committee elections were held with the following results:


                        Chair of the Senate and Chair of the Executive Committee:

                                                Lothar Dohse


                        First Vice Chair and Chair of the Academic Policies Committee:

                                                Chris Bell


                        Second Vice Chair and Chair of the Institutional Development Committee:

                                                Linda Nelms   


                        Third Vice Chair and Chair of the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee:

                                                George Heard 


III.     Election of Alternates

         The Senate elected two alternates to complete the terms of Sally Wasileski and Peg Downes.  Dr. Wasileski will be on leave fall semester.  Dr. Downes has been appointed Director of the Master of Liberal Arts Program as an administrator.


·         Mark Sidelnick was elected to complete the remainder of Dr. Wasileski’s 2008-11 term. 

·         Rob Berls was elected to Dr. Downes’ 2009-12 term on the Senate. 


IV.     Academic Policies Committee
Chris Bell reported for the Academic Policies Committee

         Second Reading [Unanimously approved by APC]

         The following documents were considered for second reading:


         APC 84: Establish new course, ATMS 230, FORTRAN for Meteorologists to replace CSCI 142.

         APC 84 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 0109F.


         [MINOR by APC]

         APC 85: Sunsetting Courses.


         APC 85 was edited during first reading: BIO 442 and IST 263 were removed for sunsetting. 

         APC 85 passed without dissent as amended and became Senate Document 0209F.


V.      Faculty Welfare and Development Committee

         Dr. Ellen Pearson reported for the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee.

Committee Work-in-Progress (Nominees to Standing Committees)

In selecting nominees, FWDC used information generated from committee preferences, as well as taking into consideration who has not been on committees and who would be good on a particular committee.  Within the ILS Intensive Subcommittees, FWDC staggered the terms as it felt was most logical for continuity.  This was necessary to do because the Senate changed the terms to four years and added two Intensive Subcommittees (Topical and Colloquium).    

Dr. Konz noted that after next academic year one-half of the members of ILS-Writing will roll off.  He suggested appointing one person for another year and one person for another two years, so that two members will roll off each year.  Dr. Pearson said FWDC considered this and decided it would be best to wait until next spring and see who was interested in serving an additional year as opposed to staggering terms that were already established.  FWDC will take this into consideration and will work with ILS-Writing.  Dr. Konz asked if FWDC’s intent was to have one person appointed for one year at that point.  Dr. Pearson said yes, or reappointed for an additional year, or something similar. 

The Faculty Senate approved the following FWDC nominations to Standing Committees:


Minority Affairs Commission (SD4606S)
continuing:        2007-10: Lei Han, *P Afaf Omer;   2008-11: Samer Traboulsi, *P Brandie Fariss

Sam Kaplan                 2009-12    

University Research Council (URC) (SD1209S; SD7808S)
continuing:        2008-10: Joe Daugherty (NS), Carole Becker (Prof) Scott Walters (Arts)

                        Tamie Beldue              2009-11             HUM
                        Don Lisnerski               2009-11             SS       

University Teaching Council (UTC)  
continuing:        2008-10: Brian Hook (HUM), Ann Weber (SS) Steve Patch (at large previous award winner)

                        ____________               2009-10             FWDC Representative (TBA)
                        Jennifer Rhode 2009-11 NS

University Service Council (USC) 
continuing:        2008-10: Greg Boudreaux (NS); 2008-11: Shirley Browning (SS)

                        Sandra Malicote           2009-12             HUM    

ILS Intensive Subcommittees (SD6309S; SD8307S, SD0105F; SD0304F; SD0703F)
4-yr non-consecutive; max of 5 voting members, except WI=8 voting members)

            ILS Diversity
            continuing: 2007-10: Elena Adell, Heon Lee; 2008-11: Keith Bramlett
                                    Lori Horvitz                  2009-12
                                    Bryan Schaffer             2009-13

            ILS Information Literacy
continuing: 2007-10: Eileen Crowe; 2008-11: Sam Kaplan, Tammy Huffman
                                    Erica Locklear             2009-12
                                    Patrick Foo                  2009-13

            ILS Quantitative Intensive
continuing:  2007-10: Chris Bell; 2008-2011: Mike Ruiz
                                    Betsy Mayes                 2009-12
                                    Robert Spicuzza           2009-13
                                    Mark Harvey                 2009-13

            ILS Writing Intensive
continuing: 2007-10: Patrick Bahls, Peter Caulfield, Leah Mathews, Karin Paterson
                                    Sally Wasileski            2009-11
                                    Leisa Rundquist           2009-12
                                    Jim Driggers                2009-13
                                    Irene Rossell                2009-13

            ILS Topical Cluster
continuing: none
                                    Sophie Mills                 2009-11
                                    Gretchen Trautmann    2009-12
                                    John Wood                  2009-12
                                    Kim Brown                   2009-13
                                    Seamus McNerney       2009-13

            ILS Colloquium
continuing: 2007-10: Noah Allen
                                    Henry Stern                 2009-11
                                    Dwight Mullen             2009-12
                                    Karen Cole                  2009-13
                                    Charles Massey           2009-13
Graduate Council - MLA  (SD3908S)
continuing:        2008-10: Volker Frank (SS); 2008-11: Randy Booker (NS)

                        Ted Uldricks     2009-12 HUM

University Relations Faculty Advisory 
continuing:        2008-10: Helen Wykle (HUM), Leigh Atkinson (at large)

                        Mark West        2009-11             SS       
                        Ted Meigs        2009-11             NS

Intellectual Property Committee  (See Section 9.4) 
continuing:        Noah Allen (NS 2007-10); Virginia Derryberry (HUM 2008-11)

                        Nancy Ruppert   2009-12           SS

UNCA University Foundation Board

continuing:        2008-10: Tammy Huffman

                        John Stevens   2009-11

Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee
continuing:        Hum:    Rob Bowen (tenured) (2007-10) (3 yr.)
                        NS:       Susan Reiser (untenured 2007-10); Brian Dennison (tenured 2008-11))
                        SS:       Evelyn Chiang (untenured) (2008-11) (3 yr.)

                        Michelle Bettencourt    2009-12             HUM     Untenured
                        Claudel McKenzie        2009-12             SS        Tenured

Transportation Committee
continuing:        2008-10: Dot Sulock; Alt: Doug Miller

                        Charles Weinberg         2009-11
                        Jimin Lee                     Alternate 2009-11                     

Sustainability Committee (SD7907S)
continuing:        2009-11:  Leah Mathews, Grace Campbell

                        David Clarke     Alternate  2009-11
                        Jason Wingert  Alternate  2009-11

Textbook Committee (SD3508S)
continuing:        2008-10: Dean Brock (NS); 2009-10: Laura Facciponti (HUM)

                        Melissa Himelein          2009-11             SS
                        John McClain               2009-11             Univ Prog

Student Affairs Faculty Advisory Committee
continuing:        2008-10: Phil Delacruz; 2008-11: William Bruce

                        Tracey Rizzo                2009-12             HUM                

Faculty Scholarship and Service Awards Committee (SD7708S)
continuing:        2008-10 Ellen Pearson, Sandra Malicote, Scott Walters


Faculty #1         FWDC Representative

Faculty #2         USC                 “

Faculty #3         URC                 “

Distinguished Scholars Committee 

continuing:        2009-11: Brian Dennison, Mark Gibney, Cindy Ho, Joe Sulock

                        2009-11*C:  Joe Brownsmith, Leisa Rundquist, Don Diefenbach


                        Committee is staffed

Faculty Mentor Program Coordinators (SD8108S)
continuing:        2008-10: Gary Ettari;   2008-11: Mary Lynn Manns

                        Committee is staffed.

Faculty Conciliator and Alternate
For Informational Purposes:

                        Mark Sidelnick   2009-10
                        ____________   2009-11 Alternate (SGA appoints from slate of Senate nominees)

*C (Chancellor Appointees)
*P (Provost Appointees)

VI.        Institutional Development Committee
Ms. Linda Nelms reported for the Institutional Development Committee
            First Reading
The following document was considered for First Reading:

            IDC 1 Revised:  UNCA Mission Statement

            Ms. Nelms said IDC 1 (revised) has gone before the UPC, the Student Government Association, and the Chancellor
s Staff Advisory Council. 

            Dr. Dohse said the Senate has a good rule that requires documents to have first and second readings.  This gives Senators time to peruse and reflect on proposals.  The Senate will hold a Special meeting on May 7, 2009, with one item on the agenda:  Second reading and discussion on IDC 1.  Senators who can not attend the meeting are asked to send comments. 


VII.    Committee Assignment Preferences

         Dr. Dohse asked Senators to submit their committee preferences. 

         The Executive Committee will convene at the close of this meeting to set committee assignments.


VIII.   Adjourn

         Dr. Dohse adjourned the meeting at 4:50 pm.


Respectfully submitted by:        Sandra Gravely

                                               Executive Committee