FACULTY SENATE


Senate Document Number     3106S


Date of Senate Approval      03/02/06  


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC 9:           Proposal to Establish a Transportation Committee (Faculty Handbook 10.4.15)


Effective:  Immediately


Delete:             Section 10.4.15 of the Faculty Handbook


Replace with the following:

This committee will review and make recommendations concerning all parking and transportation issues (includes parking, mass transit, bicycle facilities, pedestrian resources, carpooling etc.). In addition, it will be the final arbitrator for parking citations hearing Appeals to Parking Petitions.


* Two faculty and two alternates appointed by the Faculty Senate, each serving a two year staggered term

* Two staff and two alternates appointed by CSAC, each serving a two year staggered term

* Alternates will assume Committee membership for two years upon other members completing their time.

* Two students and two alternates recommended by the President of the Student Government Association.

* The Committee will annually select a chairperson from among its Faculty and Staff members.


Note:    Persons with delinquent parking or traffic fines or persons who have received multiple citations for parking or moving traffic violations shall not be eligible for appointment to the Committee


Ex Officio:

UNCA Transportation Planner


Recommendations and reports to:   

Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations.



To provide a sounding board for campus-wide transportation issues and the establishment of transportation related policy. In addition, it provides for the arbitration of parking citations and petition appeals. 


During the first year, one faculty member, one staff member, and their respective alternates will be appointed for a one year term.  One faculty member and one staff member and their respective alternates will be appointed for a two year term.