Senate Document Number 1203F

Date of Senate Approval 12/11/03

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

UPC 3: Notification of Intent to Plan a B.A. degree in Women's Studies

The University of North Carolina

Notification of Intent to Plan a New Baccalaureate, Master's, or C.A.S. Program

THE PURPOSE OF ACADEMIC PROGRAM PLANNING: Planning a new academic degree program provides an opportunity for an institution to make the case for need and demand and for its ability to offer a quality program. This notification, and the planning activity to follow, do not guarantee that authorization to establish will be granted..

Date: September 16, 2003

Constituent Institution: University of North Carolina at Asheville

CIP Discipline Specialty Title: Women's Studies

CIP Discipline Specialty Number: 05.0207 Level: B X M C.A.S.

Exact Title of the Proposed Program_Women's Studies_____________________________________________

Exact Degree Abbreviation (e.g. B.S., B.A., M.A., M.S., C.A.S.): BA

Does the proposed program constitute a substantive change as defined by SACS? Yes_X_ No__

a) Is it at a more advanced level than those previously authorized? Yes__ No_X_

b) Is the proposed program in a new discipline division? Yes_X_ No ____

Approximate date for submitting the Request to Establish proposal (must be within one year of date of submission of notification of intent to plan): Aug, 04

Proposed date to establish degree: month __August_____________ year____05___________ (Date can be no sooner than six months after the date of notification of intent to plan and must allow at least three months for review of the request to establish, once submitted.)

1. Describe the proposed new degree program. The description should include:

a) a brief description of the program and a statement of educational objectives

Already a successful minor at UNCA with a long track record of attracting large numbers of students and faculty, Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the role of women and gender in history, literature, society, science and culture using a variety of methodologies and feminist theoretical perspectives. Following the lead of institutions nationwide and in our state, we seek to expand the program consistent with the growth of the discipline (one indicator: several institutions now offer PhDs in Women's Studies). We seek to establish a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Women's Studies.

The WOMEN'S STUDIES MAJOR will provide high quality, well respected interdisciplinary, student centered undergraduate education. Upon completion of their degree, students should be able to:

a. document women's achievements and contributions throughout history through study of social change movements, politics and government, fine arts, literature, and the social sciences;

b. demonstrate critical thinking skills in written and oral presentation;

c. understand core concepts in feminist research in the social sciences and humanities;

d. apply feminist pedagogical methods;

e. undertake individual and group problem solving;

f. recognize the intersections between gender inequality and other forms of oppression (race, sexual identity, disability, and class) and that women occupy diverse positions within both US and global structures.

In addition, the WOMEN'S STUDIES MAJOR will provide strong undergraduate training for further advanced study. In accomplishing this goal, the program will:

a. help students develop professional skills and knowledge, ethical integrity, leadership and management skills, and access to professional networks and/or advanced degree programs;

b. mentor students in order to provide opportunities to attend professional conferences as presenters and to prepare publishable research articles.

c) the relationship of the proposed new program to the institutional mission and how the program fits into the institution's strategic plan

Probably more than in many of our current majors, the Women's Studies minor already provides a "liberating education" which fosters "humane values in thought and action." A central goal of the program is to strengthen critical thinking and inquiry through a focus on women's experiences and the social construction of gender in its relation to race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, disability and age in both the past and present. Thus diversity is central to what we do. The study of femininity and masculinity, the relations between women and men, and the differential power structures that create these social categories are issues that cut across the curriculum, enabling our majors/minors to achieve a deep knowledge of "connections among the disciplines." The program of study frames questions of gender and feminisms in ways that connect the local to the global and promote an understanding of relations of power in multiple contexts. A variety of courses in the program provide frameworks for personal reflection on basic life experiences. Majors acquire the breadth and depth of exposure necessary to appraise different research tools, methodologies and substantive approaches to central questions in women's and gender studies.

d) the relationship of the proposed new program to other existing programs at the institution

Women's Studies is the oldest of the interdisciplinary programs, now in its 12th year of existence. Our faculty are housed in at least a dozen other departments representing all divisions across campus. When we become a degree granting program, we will be the third interdisciplinary program to offer a major (Environmental Studies and Multimedia Arts and Sciences being the others).

d) special features or conditions that make the institution a desirable, unique, or appropriate place to initiate such a degree program.

As UNC's only liberal arts campus, UNCA is an appropriate home for an interdisciplinary major in Women's Studies. Our mission statement has always closely paralleled the institution's and we believe we have fulfilled that mission as well as, or better than, many of the existing degree granting programs on campus. As UNCA moves to a model of general education, known as "intergrative liberal studies," this will be even more the case since Women's Studies is a model for integrative liberal studies with its emphasis on diversity, interdisciplinarity, and community engagement.


2. List all other public and private institutions of higher education in North Carolina currently operating programs similar to the proposed new degree program.

UNC-CH, UNCG, NCSU, and ECU all offer BA's in Women's Studies.

3. Estimate the number of students that would be enrolled in the program during the first year of operation: Full-Time__8-10___ Part-Time__0____

4. If there are plans to offer the program away from campus during the first year of operation:

a) briefly describe these plans, including potential sites and possible method(s) of delivering instruction.


b) indicate any similar programs being offered off-campus in North Carolina by other institutions (public or private)

c) estimate the number of students that would be enrolled in the program during the first year of operation: Full-Time______ Part-Time____

5. List the names, titles, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the person(s) responsible for planning the proposed program.

Office/Title Name Email Address Phone #

Associate Vice Chancellor

Academic Affairs -Social Sciences Lisa Friedenberg (828) 251-6490

Institutional Research Director Archer Gravely (828) 232-5118

Women's Studies Program Pamela Nickless (828) 251-6550

Founders Cathy Mitchell (828) 251-6615

Recent Women's Studies Tracey Rizzo (828) 251-6315

Directors Melissa Burchard (828) 232-2990

This intent to plan a new program has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committees and authorities.