Senate Document Number    2512S


Date of Senate Approval      02/09/12


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:



FWDC 3:                       Annual Evaluation of Chairs and Program Directors

                                    (Faculty Handbook Sections 3.4.4; 3.3.4.; 3.3.5)


Effective date: 


This document introduces procedures for annual evaluation of chairs and program directors that will be incorporated into the Faculty Record and annual evaluation procedures.


This document addresses two issues:


1) As a university, we have historically not provided department chairs and program directors (CPDs) formal feedback on their performance other than at the time of reappointment.  As a result, CPDs do not have a basis for knowing how the administration views their performance on an ongoing basis.


2) We have never defined how the work that CPDs do should be incorporated into the faculty record and annual merit evaluation.  Some simply report in the service category that they served in that capacity without any detail; others report all of their activities, both routine and episodic; others simply state that they had reassigned time in order to serve as chair or program director and make no mention of their work as a CPD in the faculty record.

To address these issues, this document institutes a formal process of annual review of chairs and program directors which is incorporated into the annual evaluation of faculty and establishes a separate component of annual evaluation for administrative work, distinct from service, for those who have administrative assignments of this kind.  This document does not seek to provide guidelines for incorporating administrative work in other personnel evaluations such as reappointment, tenure, promotion, and post-tenure review.


The process for review of the administrative performance of CPDs is described below in item 1; items 2-3 are to avoid confusion between annual evaluation and evaluation for reappointment.



Changes in Faculty Handbook


1. Insert section 3.4.4 as follows:


3.4.4  Annual Evaluation of Chairs and Program Directors

1) By May 1, each department chair/program director (CPD) completes an Annual Administrative Review, developed by Academic Affairs.  This form allows CPDs to report their work in this capacity beyond routine tasks, including curriculum review and revision, faculty/staff searches, department initiatives, and community projects.  The form is submitted to the Dean who is responsible for that department or program.


2) By May 15, the Dean completes an evaluation of the performance of the CPD with both qualitative descriptors and a narrative evaluation.  The Annual Administrative Review, with Dean’s evaluation, is attached to the Faculty Record of the CPD before it is submitted according to the procedures outlined in Section 3.4.2 and is incorporated into the annual evaluation of that faculty member by being evaluated as a separate category in addition to teaching, scholarship/creative activity, and service.


3) This administrative evaluation is incorporated in the determination of the merit evaluation of the CPD’s work as a faculty member as defined in Section 3.4.3.


2. Change title of 3.3.4 from “Evaluation of Department Chairs” to “Reappointment of Department Chairs”


3. Change title of 3.3.5 from “Evaluation of Program Directors” to “Reappointment of Program Directors”