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Senate Document Number     0208F


Date of Senate Approval      10/16/08


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:


FWDC 1:           2008 Revisions to the Post-Tenure Review Process

                        (Revision to SD6405S and Faculty Handbook 3.7.3)


Effective Date: Fall 2008

Rationale:         Changes listed are both editorial and clarification of current policy.  Items to be removed appear in brackets and items added appear bold and underlined.

1.  Amend section 3.7.3 “Results of Post-Tenure Review” as follows:




B. The evaluee has one or more areas that require concentrated development efforts. The PTR Committee advisory report dossier will be sent to the Provost for further review and final decision, with copies to the evaluee and the Chair. The Report will identify the area or areas of concern while noting any performances or accomplishments that appear commendable or excellent. The faculty member may challenge the advisory report as provided above.


If the Provost affirms the Report after considering a challenge, or affirms an unchallenged report, the faculty member will construct a Development Plan in consultation with the Chair and the Associate Vice Chancellor assigned as liaison to the PTR process. The Plan will address the area or areas that warrant improvement. The Plan will include a development period when the evaluee will again be reviewed by the PTRC - no less than one year later, up to three years later. The Chair and the Provost will review the plan to determine resource implications. The Plan must be approved by the Provost. The evaluee will meet at least semi-annually with the Department chair or academic unit head during the development period to assess progress. 


Development Plans [may] should include provision for [a Peer Mentor] mentoring peers who [is] are requested by the Evaluee and approved by the Provost. Mentoring peers should be senior members of the faculty who are skillful in collegial relationships and recognized for excellence in the area(s) requiring improvement. On request a mentoring peer may be appointed before the Development Plan is finalized.