University of North Carolina at Asheville
Minutes, September 9, 1999

Members: R. Bowen, W. Bruce, P. Caulfield, F. Davenport, R. Dunning, G. Kormanik, K. Krumpe, B. Larson, P. McClellan, C. McKenzie, C. Mitchell, D. Peifer, C. Pons, G. Wilson, J. Pitts.

Excused: T. Rizzo.

Visitors: W. Cash, T. Cochran, S. Gale, M. Gillum, L. Henion, B. Jewell, R. Sensabaugh, R. Southern.

I. Call to Order & Announcements
Dr. Kormanik called the meeting to order at 3:17 pm and welcomed guests and senators.

II. Approval of minutes:
The minutes of April 8, 1999, May 6, 1999 (3:15 pm and 4:15 pm) were approved as written.

III. Administrative Report
There was no Administrative Report.
Dr. Kormanik announced that Chancellor Mullen was attending a meeting with the Board of Governors.

IV. Executive Committee Report
There was no Executive Committee Report.

V. Student Government Association Report
SGA President Wiley Cash reported for the Student Government Association.
Mr. Cash introduced student representatives Bethany Jewel, Leigh Henion, and Ryan Southern.

A Fall Fling carnival will be held October 2nd from 1:00 pm until late in the evening on the quad. Special guest performer Christine Kane will provide music and there will also be activities for children. Children, faculty, and staff are invited to join in the fun.

The SGA is sponsoring a retreat at the Kellogg Center on September 18th.

The SGA is interested in community service and asks that anyone willing to sponsor a group please contact Mr. Cash.

Mr. Cash met with Dr. Bruce to discuss the feasibility of a Public Safety Advisory Committee.

III. Administrative Report
The Senate returned to the Administrative Report.
Vice Chancellor Pitts reported that the Office of State Personnel approved our request for EPA status for the new Director of Minority and Diversity Affairs position.

At the next meeting with academic chairs and program directors, Dr. Pitts will discuss how the Career Center and Academic Affairs will work with academic leaders on the Chancellor's initiative to enhance career support and academic department support.

VI. Academic Policies Report
Ms. Claudel McKenzie reported for the Academic Policies Committee.
Ms. McKenzie reminded senators that the 1984 Faculty Senate passed a document that charged the APC with periodically reviewing the courses that satisfy UNCA's general education requirement. The 1998-1999 Senate passed a document that, in part, charges this year's APC with reviewing some of those courses. A notice was sent to all faculty inviting them to attend the reviews which APC set this summer. Meetings will be held in Room 132, Carmichael Hall beginning at 3:15 pm:

Library Research, September 16

Mathematics, October 7

Arts, October 28

Language and Humanities will be reviewed in Spring 2000.

Second Reading:
The following document was considered for Second Reading:
APC 35: Removing Restriction on Converting a Minor into a Major.
APC 35 removes from the Catalog the statement: "Once a student has earned a minor in a particular department and graduated with that minor designation, he or she may not later earn a major in that same department." This policy imposes an unfair restriction on UNCA graduates as the same restriction is not imposed on post baccalaureate students with degrees from other institutions. APC 35 passed unanimously and became Senate Document 0199F.

VII. Institutional Development Committee/University Planning Council Report
Dr. Peter Caulfield gave the Institutional Development Committee/University Planning Council report.
Second Reading
UPC 1: SACS Alternate Model Proposal.
Dr. Caulfield made a motion to adopt UPC 1 with the understanding that it is a document in progress and that wording and timelines could change. It is a proposal in good faith to pursue the alternative model self-study if we are given permission by SACS to do so. Editorial changes were made to the document.

Mr. Dunning asked how the university planned to implement and support programs which may be generated from the self study given our 30% budget cut last year. Dr. Pitts replied that the object of the self study is not to produce new academic programs, though they may come about in any case, but to facilitate communication that will make us more intentional about whether or not we're accomplishing our mission. Having said that, Dr. Pitts concurred that carrying out a self study at any level requires resource allocations. There are funds to carry out the academic programs; several administrators are working to improve our budget reporting procedures.

Dr. Caulfield noted the self study goal "... to begin identifying needs for funding and staffing and sources by which these needs might be met." Also, under the section on financial stability, from fiscal year 1991-92 through 1998-99, state appropriations increased 43 percent and the endowment increased from $4.5 to $13.3 million, an increase of 190 percent. A legitimate question is where is all that money. Part of the self study might be to move some of that money to enhance student development; this should be part of the self study as it unfolds.

Dr. Gillum remarked that portions have been added recently in the area of student development and it is worthwhile to consider ways to economize the functions of offices. Dr. Larson said that he received a phone call from the Vice Chancellor of University Relations regarding ideas that emerge from the self study process. UPC 1 passed unanimously and became Senate Document 0299F.

VIII. Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report
Dr. William Bruce gave the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report.
Replacement Election for Post Tenure Review Committee
A faculty wide election will be held to elect a replacement member to the Post Tenure Review Committee. This is necessitated by the fact that Dr. Dee James has to come off the committee because her own post tenure review has come up sooner than expected. This will be to elect one person for a one-year term.

Dr. Bruce distributed a draft ballot for senators to peruse and thanked Ken Wilson and Sandra Gravely for generating the ballot. To be eligible for the PTRC one must have been a full-time faculty member for at least 5 years, currently be a full-time tenured faculty member, not be a member of the same department as continuing members of the committee, not be a member of the Tenure, Grievance, or Hearings Committees, and not be scheduled for Post-Tenure Review this year.

Committee Nominations
The Senate approved the following committee nominations:
- Foundation Board - Sheryl Sawin (1999-2000 term).

- University Research Council - Rebecca Bruce (1999-2001 term).

- University Teaching Council - Kevin Moorhead (1999-2001 term).

Faculty Committee Service Assignments
Dr. Bruce distributed a draft of the 1999-2000 faculty committee service assignments and explained that the majority of assignments are made by FWDC nominations for VCAA or Chancellor appointments. To prepare their nominations, FWDC reviewed Faculty Committee Preference forms and met with Dean Cochran and VCAA Pitts. They sought to assign faculty to the committees they preferred. However, some committees had many more requests than spaces. One committee was requested by 10 faculty, with just one single opening -- Undergraduate Research. Another was requested by 9, with no opening - the Minority Affairs Commission. Those names were sent to Chancellor Mullen to ponder for his Diversity initiative. The FWDC worked hard to be sure new faculty from 1997 to 1998 received service assignments, to make assignments to Library faculty, and to honor a few requests for a light-service year. They also sought to balance loads.

Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council
Dr. Bruce solicited a volunteer to serve on the Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council. CSAC meets at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and he and Dr. Peifer have conflicts at this time. Dr. Rizzo would like to attend but is returning from maternity leave and may be unavailable at this time.

IX. Old Business
There was no Old Business.

X. New Business
There was no New Business.

XI. Adjourn
Dr. Kormanik adjourned the meeting at 3:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted by: Sandra Gravely
                                        William Bruce