1998 - 1999

SD0198F:  Policy on Post-Tenure Review (FWDC #1 - 8/27/98) (Revision of SD2198S approved 3/12/98)

SD0298F:  Guidelines for Altering the Titles of Programs of Study Mandated by Conversion to the CIP Coding System  (APC 28)

SD0398F:  General Education Review  (APC 29

SD0498F:  Sense of the Senate to recognize Mel Blowers

SD0598F:  Executive Committee Resolution #1:  Regarding Post-Tenure Review 

SD0698F:  Revision of Management Major Declaration Requirements (Add Econ 102 Option)  (APC 1)

SD0798F: Policy on Independent Individual Courses (APC 2)

SD0898F: Sense of the Senate - Proposal to Change Titles and Descriptions of Two Academic Affairs Positions (IDC 1)

SD0998F: Guidelines for Reviewing General Education Courses (APC 3)

SD1098F: Election Procedures for Post-Tenure Review Committee (FWDC 2)

SD1198F: Guidelines for the Post-Tenure Review Committee (FWDC 3)

SD1299S: Replace Psychology 220 with Psychology 318 (APC 4)

SD1399S: Deleting Econ 410, Changes in Finance Concentration, changing Econ 450 and 360. Adding 316. (APC 5)

SD1499S: Addition of Special Topics Courses for Health and Fitness (APC 6)

SD1599S: New Course Numbers for Abstract Algebra Courses (APC 7)

SD1699S: Description of Humanities 214 (APC 8)

SD1799S: Management: Changes in Course Descriptions, Titles, and Prerequisites for Various Courses (APC 9)

SD1899S: Changes in Management Minor Requirements (APC 10)

SD1999S: Changes in Oral Competency Requirements for Management (APC 11)

SD2099S: Changes to Chemistry 105 and Chemistry Graduate Record Examination Requirement (APC 12)

SD2199S: Hist 387: History of Judaism (APC 13)

SD2299S: Humanities Minor Revision (APC 14)

SD2399S: New French and German Courses for General Education (APC 15)

SD2499S: Career Courses in Health and Fitness (APC 16)

SD2599S: Special Topics Courses for Engineering (400 level)  (APC 17)

SD2699S: Chemistry Research Courses  (APC 18)

SD2799S: Reassigned Time Policy  (FWDC 4)

SD2899S: Post-Tenure Review Clarification  (FWDC 5)

SD2999S: Post-Tenure Review Ranking Term Change  (FWDC 6)

SD3099S: Senate Recommendations Regarding Reassigned Time Policy and Practices (FWDC 8)

SD3199S:  Education Department Modifications for Middle and Secondary Schools, Reading Licensure, Foreign Language, and Admission Requirements  (APC 19)

SD3299S:  Changes in Drama 244, 245, 334; Deletion of 246 and 326; Creation of 434 and 440  (APC 20)

SD3399S: Changes in Computer Science 107; Creation of 310, 340, and 348  (APC 21)

SD3499S:  Deletion of Psychology Track in Reading Education and Creating Psychology Major with Teacher Licensure  (APC 22)

SD3599S:  Request for Authorization to Plan Two New Degree Programs:  (1) Interdisciplinary Studies: Individual Degree; (2) Ethics and Social Institutions (IDC 2)

SD3699S:  Distinguished Scholars and Honorary Degree Committee Change (FWDC 7)

SD3799S: Senate Declaration on Civil Behavior (EC 2)

SD3899S: New Name for the Chemistry 105 Course (APC 34)

SD3999S: Foreign Language Placement Examinations (APC 23)

SD4099S: Catalog Description of Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Mechatronics Degree from North Carolina State University (APC 24)

SD4199S: Addition of Drama 123 (APC 25)

SD4299S: Political Science: Addition of 348, 354, and 383, and Revision of 385 (APC 26)

SD4399S: Major Declaration in Art and Comprehensive Exams (APC 27)

SD4499S: Catalog Copy for Multimedia Arts and Sciences (APC 28)

SD4599S: Request for Authorization to Plan a New Degree Program: B.S. in Public Health Promotion (IDC 3)

SD4699S: Request for Authorization to Plan a New Degree Program: B.S. in Sports Medicine (IDC 4)

SD4799S: Environmental Studies: AP Credit, 450, 381, 384, 490, 495 and Description of Track in General Environmental Studies (APC 29)

SD4899S: PSYC 463 (FIELDWORK) (APC 30)

SD4999S: Replacing "Program" and "Track" Titles according to CIP guidelines  (APC 31)

SD5099S: Repetition of Variable Credit Courses (APC 32)

SD5199S: Deletion of Courses Mandated by the Sunset Policy (APC 33)

SD5299S: UPC Response to Minority Affairs Commission Proposal (IDC 5)

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