University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, March 11, 1999

Senate Members: R. Bowen, W. Bruce, P. Caulfield, R. Dunning, M. Ghidina, J. Gupton, G. Kormanik, K. Krumpe, P. McClellan, C. McKenzie, C. Pons, T. Rizzo, I. Rossell, B. Sabo, H. Stern, G. Miller

Visitors: S. Browning, T. Cochran, T. Drummond, J. Konz, S. Malicotte, C. McClary, P. Reed, B. Sensabaugh, A. Shope

I. Call to Order

Dr. Kormanik called the meeting to order at 3:23 p.m. and welcomed senators and guests.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of February 11, 1999 were approved following an editorial correction.

II. Executive Committee Report
Dr. Gregg Kormanik gave the Executive Committee Report.
Second Reading:
The following document was considered for Second Reading:

EC 2: Senate Declaration on Diversity
In a friendly amendment, the words "and learner" were deleted from the first sentence. After discussing several options, Dr. Caulfield made a motion to rename the title "Declaration on Mutual Respect." Dr. Krumpe seconded the motion, which passed.

The Senate discussed legal implications, the use of the wording "disrespect" and "religion, political, or social beliefs", and where the document would ultimately be published.

Dr. Bruce moved to refer the document back to committee to reword it in light of the discussion. Dr. Gupton seconded the motion. Dr. Ghidina stated that she supported a strong statement and would not support removing words which would weaken the document. The motion passed.

Dr. Sabo apologized to Dr. Pitts and stated that two months ago the Senate considered a letter on campus diversity prepared by Dr. Pitts and Dr. Iovacchini. At the time, he had commented that the letter needed stronger language. Dr. Pitts responded that faculty don't like strong language. Dr. Sabo stated that Dr. Pitts was, indeed, correct.

III. Administrative Report
Dr. Kormanik stated that Chancellor Reed did not have a report but was available for questions. No questions were forthcoming.

Dr. Pitts reported that the University was bringing in strong, diversified candidates for faculty positions.

For the last three weeks discussions on diversity have been held during lunch. Dr. Pitts will present data on diversity at the discussion to be held tomorrow.

IV. Student Government Association Report
Tiffany Drummond reported for the Student Government Association.

Ms. Drummond reported on diversity in the humanities; a bill to establish legislative review for SGA; amendments to the student conduct system; the Chancellor attending SGA inauguration ceremonies; working with Marriott to increase the use of recycled materials; agreements with housing on collective assessments on external damages; Greenfest; and upcoming SGA elections.

V. Academic Policies Report
Dr. Bill Sabo reported for the Academic Policies Committee.
First Reading
The following documents were distributed for First Reading:

APC 23: Foreign Language Placement Examinations

APC 24: Catalog Description of Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Mechatronics Degree from North Carolina State University

APC 25: Addition of Drama 123

APC 26: Political Science: Addition of 348, 354, and 383, and

Revision of 385

APC 27: Major Declaration in Art and Comprehensive Exams

APC 28: Catalog Copy for Multimedia Arts and Sciences

Second Reading:
The following documents were considered for Second Reading:

APC 19: Education Department Modifications for Middle and Secondary Schools, Reading Licensure, Foreign Language, and Admission Requirements
APC 19 passed unanimously following an editorial correction and became Senate Document 3199S.

APC 20: Changes in Drama 244, 245, 334; Deletion of 246 and 326; Creation of 434 and 440
APC 20 passed unanimously and became Senate Document 3299S.

APC 21: Changes in Computer Science 107; Creation of 310, 340, and 348
APC 21 passed unanimously and became Senate Document 3399S.

APC 22: Deletion of Psychology Track in Reading Education and Creating Psychology Major with Teacher Licensure
APC 22 passed unanimously and became Senate Document 3499S.

Dr. Sabo referred to the Banner headline: "Changes to UNCA's General Ed a Possibility" and stated that the APC intends to review general education as mandated by the original Senate document. While changes are possible, this is not the intent or purpose of the review.

VI. Institutional Development Committee/University Planning Council Report:
Dr. Peter Caulfield gave the Institutional Development Committee/University Planning Council report.

First Reading:
The following documents were distributed for First Reading:

IDC 3: Request for Authorization to Plan a New Degree Program: B.S. in Public Health Promotion

IDC 4: Request for Authorization to Plan a New Degree Program: B.S. in Sports Medicine

Second Reading:
The following document was considered for Second Reading:

IDC 2: Request for Authorization to Plan Two New Degree Programs:

(1) Interdisciplinary Studies: Individual Degree

(2) Ethics and Social Institutions

IDC 2 passed unanimously and became Senate Document 3599S.

Recommendation on Relocating Printing Services
After consideration and discussion with Vice Chancellor Foley, the UPC does not recommend relocating Printing Services.

History Department Self Study
The UPC has been working on the History Department Self Study and will make recommendations at their next meeting.

Minority Affairs Commission Proposal
The UPC will discuss the Minority Affairs Commission proposal at their next meeting.

VII. Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report
Dr. Marcia Ghidina gave the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report.
Tenure Election Results:
The following faculty have been elected to serve on the Tenure Committee for the two-year term 1999-2001:

Pat Snoyer
Sherry Gale
Pamela Nickless

Post Tenure Review Compensation
At the Senate's request, the FWDC considered compensation for Post Tenure Review. The FWDC proposed that the Office of Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Council of Chairs, develop a plan for compensation regarding PTR evaluation, and include in the plan the source of funds and an explanation of how PTR reviews and annual reviews will impact overall salary considerations.

The FWDC proposed:

1) the VCAA distribute the plan to department chairs in a meeting;

2) department chairs discuss the plan with their departmental members to maximize faculty input;

3) department chairs vote on the plan at the next Department Chairs and Program Directors meeting;

4) the plan and central points of the discussion are brought to the Senate for consideration.

Second Reading:
The following document was considered for Second Reading:

FWDC 7: Distinguished Scholars and Honorary Degree Committee Change
FWDC 7 passed unanimously following editorial corrections and became Senate Document 3699S.

VllI. Old Business
There was no Old Business.

IX. New Business
At Vice Chancellor Iovacchini's request, Dr. Bruce distributed a survey to help evaluate the perception of Student Affairs' programming and services. This is a multi-university study being conducted by a doctoral student.

X. Adjournment
Dr. Kormanik adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: Sandra Gravely
                                        Marcia Ghidina