Senate Document Number 4099S

Date of Senate Approval 4/08/99

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document #24 Catalog Description of Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Mechatronics Degree from North Carolina State University

Effective Date: Fall 1999

Add: on page 53, immediately after the current description of the Two-Plus-Two Program, the following

Bachelor of Science in Engineering-Mechatronics Concentration Degree from North Carolina State University

The University of North Carolina at Asheville offers jointly with North Carolina State University a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE)-Mechatronics Concentration degree from NC State University on the UNCA campus. The BSE degree is a unique, multi-disciplinary field of study which integrates electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer and control engineering and information technology. A contemporary engineering design methodology is established which involves integrating microelectronics and information technologies into mechanical and electromechanical systems. The BSE is intended to allow students to complete an engineering degree while living and working in the Asheville area. It is designed to be accessible to students employed in local industries through evening and weekend classes and through the use of distance education technology.

The curriculum for the BSE degree follows closely the freshman year for all engineering degrees and follows most closely the sophomore year curriculum for the electrical engineering degree, as shown under the "Two-Plus-Two" Program. Interested students should inquire at the North Carolina State Engineering Programs Office in Robinson Hall at UNCA.


This is an NC State degree offered on the UNCA campus. Funding and staff are provided by NC State University. Current office and support services of the Two-Plus-Two Program will be used. This degree will attract new students to the UNCA campus and will generate additional student credit hours.


This new degree should be represented in the catalog along with other similar opportunities.