Senate Document Number 3499S

Date of Senate Approval 3/11/99

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 22: Deleting Psychology Concentration in Reading Education and Creating Psychology Major with Teacher Licensure

Effective Date: Fall, 1999

Delete on page 193 the title and section labeled "Track in Reading Education"

Replace: the deleted section with the following

"Psychology Major with Teacher Licensure

Psychology majors who also are completing teacher licensure (e.g., K-6, Reading K-12) should enroll in PSYC 318 instead of either PSYC 317 or PSYC 332. For teacher licensure students only, PSYC 318 fulfills the Department's laboratory course requirement. See the Education Department section for additional licensure requirements."

RATIONALE: The deletion of Psychology track names results from the HEGIS-to-CIP conversion project. Because the course work required in the current Reading Education track is not "substantially different" from that required in the General Psychology track, Psychology cannot request a program or concentration in Reading Education. However, the Department maintains its support of the Education Department's licensure program in Reading; Reading licensure students can continue to major in Psychology with no changes to their Psychology requirements.

The addition of an information section for licensure students relates to the creation of our new course, PSYC 318. Although there is no teacher licensure program in psychology, many licensure students do major in Psychology (e.g., K-6, Reading K-12). The new section alerts them to the substitution of PSYC 318 for the laboratory course requirement, a cooperative arrangement between the Psychology and Education Departments.

IMPACT: There is minimal impact to these changes. The deletion of Reading Education as a Psychology track does not affect the ability of the Education Department to continue offering licensure in Reading, and the Psychology Department will continue to accept these students as Psychology majors.

With the deletion of the Reading track we can use a single new section to highlight course work issues for Psychology majors who are seeking licensure. This style of presenting information is significantly simpler than the alternative--repeated listings of requirements for students seeking different types of licensure (i.e., K-6, Reading K-12). With the exception of the laboratory course requirement, licensure students majoring in Psychology complete the same course work as non-licensure majors. Other course work required for licensure will be listed in the Education section of the catalog.