Senate Document Number 2899S

Date of Senate Approval 2/11/99

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

FWDC 5: Post-Tenure Review Clarification

Effective Fall 1999

In Section 3.12.2 of the Post Tenure Review policy:



2. After an initial phase in period, tenured faculty members shall be evaluated no less frequently than every five years. During this phase-in period, faculty who have gone the longest since their last review for tenure or promotion will be evaluated first. The VCAA may approve the postponement of Post-Tenure Review in a case of illness, leave of absence, family emergency or other similar circumstances.

A review for promotion will take precedence over the PTR process and may replace it as follows. When faculty members apply for promotion in the same year they are to be evaluated for PTR, the PTR will be postponed. If successful, the review for promotion will satisfy the requirement for PTR and will start a new five-year PTR clock for the faculty member who is promoted. If the review for promotion is not successful, however, the faculty member will complete the PTR process in the following year, even if the application for promotions is renewed. Thus, Post-Tenure Reviews will be deferred by an application for promotion only once.


The proposed change to the Post Tenure Review policy seeks to clarify the wording of the document so that faculty will not usually be simultaneously evaluated for promotion and post tenure review. Since such evaluations require extensive time and resources of committees and the VCAA, such duplication should be avoided.