Senate Document Number 2499S

Date of Senate Approval 2/11/99


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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 16: Career Courses in Health and Fitness

Effective Date Fall 1999

Add: on page 126, after the course description for "HF 155 Men's Health" the following

HF 156 Career and Educational Decision-Making (1)

Designed for students early in their college career, this course examines the process of making healthy college and career decisions. Students will assess their individual values, interests and strengths from a holistic perspective and explore the variety of disciplines and programs represented at UNCA as well as the range of career paths available. Fall semester.

Add: on page 126 after the course description for "HF 380 Fieldwork in Health Promotion" the following

HF 340 Career and Life Planning (1)

Focuses on career development after graduation. Students will learn how to convert the liberal arts experience into satisfying work, study and service options. Emphasis on employment strategies, issues related to personal and vocational wellness, and achieving a healthy balance among work, family and leisure roles. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing. Spring.

Impact: The proposed changes will have no impact on major, minor or University requirements. The changes have no perceived impact on the existing offerings from any academic department. The courses would be taught by the professional staff of the Career Center.

Rationale: IST 100, College and Career Exploration, and IST 300, Career Planning and Placement, have been part of the curriculum for over eight years. They were originally approved by the Faculty Senate. Overall, they have received excellent student evaluations and address a significant need for the delivery specific career development information within a liberal arts curriculum.

However, a recent reexamination of the interdisciplinary offerings by an APC subcommittee led to the development of more specifically-articulated criteria for interdisciplinary offerings. The 1996-97 APC committee reviewed IST100 and IST300 for continuation as IST courses and concluded that they did not meet their conceptualization of interdisciplinary courses. The committee concluded that the courses were valuable, should be kept alive and recommended that the Career Center should attempt to find them a home within an existing department.

When approached, the Health and Fitness department welcomed the possible inclusion of career development offerings. Given the department's "wellness" philosophy and whole-life approach to health, course work which addressed career fitness seemed most appropriate. The Career Fitness Program textbook has been utilized for the last two IST classes. Placement within Health and Fitness would also encourage the course content to be expanded to include discussions of balance among life roles, leisure versus vocational activities, and work/health-related issues such as stress management, dual-career families, and other topics which are typically addressed in the career development literature. Integrative Life Planning by S. Hansen will be a guiding text for these courses.