Senate Document Number 0298F

Date of Senate Approval 9/10/98

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Statement of Faculty Senate Action:

APC Document 28: Guidelines for Altering The Titles of Programs of Study Mandated by Conversion to the CIP Coding System

Effective Date: Fall, 1999

Beginning with the 1999-2000 catalog, all Departments offering multiple courses of study within their major or program will relabel these courses of study using one of the following two terms-- "concentration" or "emphasis."

All references to "track" or "program" will be deleted from both titles and descriptions of the course of study.

Departments which are authorized by General Administration to offer distinct tracks within their major are not required to delete the term "track" from the title of their course of study or from its description.

Departments which have but one area of study (excluding teacher licensure) within their major are not required to add either "concentration" or "emphasis" to the title.

All courses of study specifically geared to the preparation of students to enter the teaching profession will retain the term "Licensure" but still must remove all references to "program" or "track" in both the title and description of the course of study.

The Chair of the Academic Policies Committee for 1998-1999 will be responsible for notifying department chairs of this guideline by September 1, 1998.

All departments will submit their changes to the Academic Policies Committee for review by November 1, 1998. A department which is authorized to offer a "track" and wishes to retain that wording will also notify APC of their decision. If a Department fails to make the necessary changes, APC will alter the wording in a way that seems to the committee to be most appropriate.

Rationale: The University of North Carolina system is converting from the old HEGIS-based Academic Program Inventory to the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) coding system. This conversion alters the meaning of terms UNCA has traditionally used to describe different courses of study. The change will standardize terminology across campus and bring our catalog into line with the guidelines established by General Administration.