University of North Carolina at Asheville
Minutes, May 1, 1997 - 3:15 p.m.

Members: T. Dohse, M. Ghidina, G. Henderson, E. Katz, B. Larson, P. Laughon, P. McClellan, K. Moorhead, I. Rossell, B. Sabo, H. Stern, R. Tynes, A. Wengrow, K. Whatley, A. White-Carter, J. Pitts

Excused: I. Rossell

Visitors: S. Browning, T. Cochran, J. Dorchak, M. Downes, G. Kormanik, P. Reed, B. Sensabaugh, A. Shope, M. Sidelnick

I. Call to Order
Dr. Larson welcomed senators and guests and called the last meeting of the 1996-1997 Faculty Senate to order at 3:17 p.m.

The minutes of March 20, 1997 were approved as submitted (McClellan/Katz). The minutes of April 10, 1997 were approved as submitted (White-Carter/McClellan).

II. Executive Committee Report
Dr. Larson gave the Executive Committee report.
Dr. Larson presented gifts to members of the Senate and thanked them for their admirable service this year.

III. Administrative Report
VCAA Jim Pitts gave the Administrative Report.
Dr. Caroline Miller reported to Dr. Pitts that nearly 86% of our first year class has registered for next Fall.

Phased Retirement Plan
GA is implementing an experimental five-year phased retirement plan for faculty. Each campus has been charged to study the committee report and develop specific campus guidelines to make early retirement available to faculty. The FWDC will review the report. Dr. Joe Sulock will serve as a resource person.

Post Tenure Review
Dr. Pitts stated that a Task Force will develop guidelines for Post Tenure Review to be implemented by August 1998. The Senate Chair and the FWDC will assist in the process. Although the administration has not received an official announcement, the Board of the Committee approved the guidelines submitted to the President. The guidelines will come before the Senate and other appropriate committees for review.

Comments from the Chancellor
- President-elect Molly Broad to visit campus
President-elect Molly Broad will be touring all sixteen universities during a four day period and will be on campus next Monday for an informal three hour visit. While she is becoming familiar with the campus, officials will assist her in understanding the special mission and values of this institution.
- Final proposal for Master Plan
Chancellor Reed invited everyone to peruse the final proposal for the Master Plan in Ramsey Library and to contact a member of the Steering Committee if they have questions or concerns about the plan.
- Legislative Matters
Salary increases have not been determined at this time. The Board of Governors has recommended a six percent increase and the Governor has recommended a three percent increase. According to General Administration, the attitude of the Legislature is very positive this year.

Chancellor Reed is hopeful that UNCA will receive a little over $1M in Repair and Renovation money. General Administration has tried to influence the Legislature to not pick and choose the projects. In recent years the university has had autonomy in how these funds were used, which was very beneficial.

There is some discussion of a referendum for a bond bill for the universities. This could be risky because there will be little for appropriations if the referendum fails.

The following recommendations have been made for the entire UNC system:

Information and Technology $6.2M

Library $4M (with an emphasis on the NC Virtual Library)

Reward Teaching Excellence at one-half of one percent of the salary base not to exceed more than 25% of those eligible. In a departure from previous years, the reward would come from non-recurring funds and would not add to the salary base.

IV. Academic Policies Report Dr. Pam Laughon reported for the Academic Policies Committee.
Two documents passed APC for First Reading next Fall:
APC 1: Interdisciplinary Studies and APC 2: Service Learning.

Dr. Laughon thanked members of the APC for their hard work this year.

V. Institutional Development Committee/University Planning Council Report
Dr. Kathy Whatley gave the Institutional Development Committee/University Planning Council Report.
Departmental Self-Studies
Dr. Whatley distributed copies of the UPC recommendations made to Chancellor Reed resulting from the Classics Department and Psychology Department Self-Studies. The UPC will complete the Art Department's Self Study this semester; the final report will be available next Fall.

UPC Endorses the Multimedia Arts and Science Proposal
Copies of the declaration passed by UPC on April 10, 1997 were distributed. The document endorses the Multimedia Arts and Science proposal.

Aesthetics Committee
An Aesthetics Committee will be in place next year.

Long-range Plan
The long-range plan should be ready for distribution on June 1, 1997.

Dr. Whatley thanked members of IDC and UPC for their diligent work on the long-range plan and multiple department self-studies. Dr. Laughon thanked Dr. Whatley for her exemplary service to the university.

VI. Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report
Ms. Anita White-Carter gave the Faculty Welfare & Development Committee Report.
Fitness Center Fee Report
Dr. Ghidina reported on the issue of user fees for the fitness center. After lengthy discussions and numerous email messages, Dr. leana Grams and Dr. Josh Dorchak were invited to address the issue. Because Dr. Grams had a class and was unable to attend, Dr. Ghidina highlighted Dr. Grams' case supporting a user fee. Dr. Dorchak presented a case against having a fee.

Dr. Ghidina distributed a compilation of faculty perspectives: 17 favored a user fee and 36 opposed a user fee. The Faculty Senate then approved the following sense of the Senate resolution (Ghidina/Katz) : "The Faculty Welfare and Development Committee recommends that no fee be assessed to individual faculty for use of the fitness center." The resolution passed unanimously. While FWDC does not make recommendations governing policy toward staff, the above resolution, in spirit, also applies to staff.

Ms. White-Carter, Dr. Ghidina, Dr. Rossell, Dr. Moseley, and Ms. Gravely were acknowledged for their work this year.

VII. Old Business
There was no Old Business.

VIII. New Business
Dr. Laughon presented Dr. Larson with a gift in appreciation for his work and leadership. A round of applause followed.

Thanks to members leaving the Senate
Dr. Larson thanked outgoing Senators Pam Laughon, Kathy Whatley, Anita White-Carter, and Ed Katz for their work throughout their terms. The Senate worked long, hard, and smart this year and made his job relatively easy. Dr. Larson outlined important activities facing the 1997-87 Senate, such as planning activities, the master plan, and post tenure review. He encouraged senators to make use of the many talented people on campus, to continue the tradition of working with university administration and keeping people well informed, and to take a playful attitude toward what they do.

IX. Adjournment
Dr. Larson adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by: Sandra Gravely
                                        Marcia Ghidina