University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, April 12, 2007



Members:   L. Atkinson, G. Boudreaux, B. Butler, K. Cole, P. Downes, B. Hook, B. Larson, J. McClain,

                   C. McKenzie, G. Nallan, B. Sabo, B. Wilson, J. Wood; K. Whatley; A. Ponder. 


Excused:    M. Harvey, H. Holt, S. Judson, D. Lisnerski, M. Moseley.


Visitors:       S. Baxley, R. Bowen, D. Cauley, A. Shope.  




I.        Call to Order, Introductions, Announcements

          Gary Nallan called the meeting to order at 3:20 pm and welcomed Senators and guests.    


II.       Approval of minutes

          The minutes of February 15, 2007 were approved with editorial changes.  The minutes of March 15, 2007 were approved as distributed.      


III.     Academic Policies Committee Report 

         Claudel McKenzie gave the Academic Policies Committee Report. 

         First Reading: 

         Unanimously approved by APC

         The following documents were distributed for First Reading:

          APC 47:  Increase the number of credit hours for EDUC 316;

                        Drop EDUC 317 from the requirements for Foreign Language licensure.

         APC 49:   Change to requirements for Pure Mathematics concentration.

                        Change in departmental approval procedure for required courses.

         APC 50:   Change the prerequisite for MATH 480.  

         APC 51:   Add new courses:  MMAS 101, 201, 255, 350, 450.

         APC 52:   Delete the Sound Recording Emphasis Area.

         APC 53:   Change the prerequisite requirement for MMAS 121.

         APC 54:   Edit requirements for the MMAS major and minor.

         APC 55:   Establishing Minimum Requirements for Minor Programs.

         APC 56:   Reinstate CSCI 142: Computer Programming I (FORTRAN).

         APC 57:   Adding a Minor in Astronomy.

         APC 58:   Delete ASTR 380; Change title and prerequisite for ASTR 411;

                        Add new courses: ASTR 412, 430, 431; Change prerequisites for ASTR 321, 322.

         APC 59:   Adding 6-9 teacher licensure as an option to the Psychology major;

                        Required editorial changes resulting from the addition.

         APC 60:   Delete EDUC 313 from required courses for 6-9 Social Studies licensure;           

                        Clarify requirement of the Humanities sequence for Social Science licensure.

         APC 61:   Add new courses: ECE 109 & ECE 209; Delete ECE 480 and add EGM 482;

                        Change credit hours and description for ECE 200.

         APC 62:   Changes to Degree Requirements in Mechatronics.

         APC 63:   Clarify credits allowed for CHEM 190, 290 and 390.

         APC 64:   Clarify students may not receive credit for more than one section of LSIC 179 & 379.

         APC 65:   First-Year Student Suspension Policy.

         APC 66:   Change how World and Western Civilization courses are applied to HIST 151 & 152.

         APC Approved as Minor Proposals:

         APC 48: Adding Undergraduate Research to Art History.


         Second Reading: 

         [Unanimously approved by APC]

         The following documents were considered for Second Reading:

         APC 45:   Add DRAM 380 Methods and Management in Teaching Theatre, Grades 6-12 (4);

                       Change required courses for Theatre Arts Licensure.

         APC 45 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5207S.

         APC 46:   Delete the section for Library Research

         APC 46 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5307S.


IV.     Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report 

         Greg Boudreaux gave the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report.

         2007 Election Results

    The nomination process worked smoothly this year and faculty campaigned for committees.  Voter turnout in the Faculty Senate election increased from 35% last year to 47% this year.  The Tenure election turnout increased from 39% to 50% this year. 

    The current election process requires considerable IT support and we will be experimenting with the feasibility of using the product “E-Ballot” in lieu of IT support. 

·   Committee of Tenured Faculty

              - 2007-09:     Humanities:  Sophie Mills

                                   Natural Sciences:  Kitti Reynolds

                                   Social Sciences:  Bob Yearout

               - 2007-08 :    Peter Caulfield


  • Post-Tenure Review

               - 2007-09:     Humanities:  Robert Dunning

                                  Social Science:  Ken Betsalel

               - 2007-08      At Large:  Bert Holmes


  • Faculty Senate 

          2005-08:  Greg Boudreaux, Peg Downes, Herman Holt, Sarah Judson, Claudel McKenzie, John Wood

          2006-09:  Karen Cole, Mark Harvey, John McClain, Merritt Moseley, Bill Sabo, Betsy Wilson

          2007-10:  Melissa Burchard, Lothar Dohse, Amy Lanou, Jane Hartsfield, Bill Haas, Chris Bell

          2007-08  Alternates:  Dan Pierce, Keith Krumpe, Ken Betsalel.


  • Hearings 2007-09:

               Humanities: Robert Tynes

               Natural Sciences: Alex Huang

               Social Sciences: Marcia Ghidina


  • Grievance 2007-09:

               Assistant Professor: Ellen Pearson

               Associate Professor: Mark Boyd

               Professor: Gordon Wilson


  • Academic Appeals Board

              - 2007-09:     Mark Boyd

                                  Marcia Ghidina

              - 2007-08:     Kitti Reynolds

              - 2007-08 Alternate: Joe Sulock


  • Representative to UNC System Faculty Assembly

              - 2007-10:     Peg Downes

              - 2007-10 Alternate:  Gary Nallan   


         First Reading

         The following documents were distributed for First Reading:

         FWDC 6:     Proposal to Eliminate all References to the First Year Experience Program in the

                           Faculty Handbook including the First Year Experience Advisory Committee

                           (Revises SD27998; Faculty Handbook,, 10.4.15, 10.4.19 and 11.2)

         FWDC 7:     Proposal to Establish the Sustainability Committee as a Standing Committee

                           (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.6)

         FWDC 8:    Proposal to Establish the Safety and Health Committee as a Standing Committee

                            and Revisions to Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.6

         FWDC 9:     Proposal to Eliminate the Recreation Committee (Faculty Handbook Section 10.4.14)

         FWDC 10:   Proposal to Eliminate the Violence Prevention Committee (Faculty Handbook Section    10.4.31).

         FWDC 11:  Proposal to Revise the Faculty ILS Oversight Committee

                            (Revises SD0703F, SD0304F and SD0105F; Faculty Handbook 10.3.8)


         Second Reading

         The following documents were considered for Second Reading:

         FWDC 2:  Proposal to Revise University Relations Faculty Advisory Committee

                         (Revises SD0790F; Faculty Handbook 10.3.10) 


         An editorial correction was made to the proposal.   

         FWDC 2 passed as amended without dissent and became Senate Document 5407S.

         FWDC 3:      Proposal to Revise the membership of the "Library, Information Resources and Technology

                        Committee" (Revises SD0706F; Faculty Handbook 10.4.4)

         FWDC 3 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5507S.


          FWDC 4: Proposal to Eliminate the Women’s Studies Advisory Committee

                        (Revision of SD8203S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.24)

         FWDC 4 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5607S.


         FWDC 5:  Proposal to Change Membership on Sexual Harassment Advisory Committee

                        (Revision of SD8103S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.28)

         FWDC 5 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5707S.


V.      Institutional Development Committee Report 

         Bruce Larson reported for the Institutional Development Committee.

         First Reading

         The following document was distributed for First Reading:

         IDC 2:    Proposal to Revise the University Planning Council

                       (Revision of SD4201S; Faculty Handbook Section 10.1.1)


          Since February 27th, members of IDC along with Chancellor Ponder, Kathy Whatley, Sam Schuman (when available), Christine Riley, Lisa Friedenberg and Archer Gravely have met three times to discuss the existing UPC document and work towards a document to better serve the university.  Everyone recognized the need to have a fully functioning University Planning Council (UPC).  IDC 2 is a result of these discussions.  Differences in the current UPC and the proposed UPC were highlighted: 


  • The purpose is largely concerned with University planning and making recommendations to the Chancellor. 
  • The UPC will be more broadly representative of the university as a whole and will be able to serve more effectively as a consultative group.      
  • Proposals for new programs will now take place in IDC along with a reinstatement of regular program review.  With this new structure IDC will be focused more on the curricular area of the university – both with regard to program review and the development of new programs.   
  • The Chancellor will now chair UPC.  This will make use of the skills of our current Chancellor as a planner of great confidence and experience. 
  • The chair of IDC will now be the Vice Chair of UPC.  IDC will become more effective as its chair will no longer fill two roles, that of chairing both IDC and UPC. 
  • The Chancellor and the Chair of IDC will set the agenda.


          Chancellor Ponder thanked the members of IDC who participated in the development of IDC 2.  It is her earnest request that the Senate act on this proposal at its next meeting so we might begin to consult this year.  She has spoken with the Chair of the Board of Trustees regarding the expectation that UPC would meet periodically with the Board of Trustees as appropriate to discuss these or similar issues.  The Board of Trustees will look at this document as a way to create a UPC when it meets in mid-May.   

          Prospective Activities

          IDC will be looking at an approach to assess Centers; at a subsequent meeting it will look at NEMAC’s annual report.


VI.     Executive Committee Report 

         Gary Nallan gave the Executive Committee Report.

         Last month the Senate recommended four faculty members to serve on the Search Committee for Chief Academic Officer:  Brian Hook, Tracy Brown, David Peifer, and Rick Chess.  Chancellor Ponder has accepted that recommendation and announced the full slate of members on the Search Committee:


Co-Chairs:    Bruce Larson, Professor of Economics and Director of our Teaching and Learning Center                              Doug Orr, member of UNCA Board of Trustees and former president of Warren Wilson College.

Faculty members selected by the Faculty Senate:

                   Tracy Brown, Rick Chess, Brian Hook, Dave Peifer

Two additional faculty members appointed by the Chancellor:

                   Keya Maitra, Kitti Reynolds

Other committee members appointed by the Chancellor:

                   Ed Katz, Dean of University Programs

                   Christine Riley, Chief of Staff

                   Don Locke, Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

                   Lynne Olin, executive assistant in the library

                   Students: Tahda Ahtone and Ashley Wrightenberry

                   Buffy Bagwell, Director of Human Resources will staff the search as needed. 


          Housekeeping Team Study Report

          Steve Baxley, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations, reported on the results of an eleven month study of our Housekeeping Team.  They looked at (1) whether improvements could be made in connecting the housekeepers to the rest of the UNCA community, and (2) ways to improve the workplace environment of the housekeepers and the people that are supported by the housekeepers.

          The Committee’s recommendations that the administration is implementing follow:

·         increase the level of staffing in housekeeping in all work areas

·         create opportunities for housekeepers to work day shift

·         restructure the positions to allow some housekeepers to operate as general utility workers. 

o        For example, they may be able to fix a faucet or an electrical outlet while in the building.  This offers career growth for some of our lowest paid employees that has not existed previously.  We have housekeepers that after twenty years are earning the same salary as housekeepers who have worked here two years.

·         Vice Chancellor Pat Hunt will be the point person on the transition.  Input will be solicited from faculty and staff in the individual buildings to help tailor the force work.


          Chancellor Ponder said this study came out of the University Community Council discussions last spring.  Although discussions started out looking at third shift as a question, it was more complex than she had realized at the start; she is very pleased that we are moving forward on something that can be meaningful to previously invisible and under compensated members of the university community.  She and Dr. Larson met with the housekeepers last night from 10:00pm - midnight so they could hear about this directly.  Some of the money that she has talked about using to address our lowest compensated employees will be used in this way.  Some people will remain on third shift although it will get smaller. 

          Other recommendations the Chancellor accepted are that (1) services such as Human Resources and Campus Safety will be available to housekeepers a couple of times a week during their work time and (2) the assignment and organization of work will be in smaller place-based teams.  Each team will develop a way to communicate with the occupants that use these buildings.  Part of what the faculty can do is to participate in the communication with the individuals who will be stepping forward.   


          Dr. Sabo asked to see the Housekeeping Study Team report that Mr. Baxley referred to.  Mr. Baxley replied that the Study Team gave the recommendations to the Chancellor; they are not ashamed of their work but a lot of gaps were filled in afterwards.  The Team made recommendations but the implementation and compensation were handled by the senior staff.  Dr. Sabo said he was interested in seeing the goals and objectives.  Mr. Baxley agreed to share the report. 

          Chancellor Ponder said the first objective was to ensure that people we never see be a part of the university community.  They then addressed the standard of cleanliness and service for the campus as a whole and as a rewarding kind of work for these employees.  Those were the two goals. 


 VII.   Student Government Association Report:

          There was no Student Government Association report.


VIII.   Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee 

          There was no Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Committee report.


IX.     Administrative Report 

         Interim VCAA Kathy Whatley gave the Administrative Report.

         Faculty Searches

          We have successfully completed searches in:  Psychology, Atmospheric Science, Literature and Language, Religious Studies, Biology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Education, Music, Physics, Art History, Photography, Multimedia Arts and Sciences, Mass Communication, and Craft Center Director and Associate Director.  

         News from General Administration

          Dr. Whatley reported on the Board of Governors’ new initiative UNC Tomorrow to meet the challenges of the state over the next twenty years.  Each campus is being asked to consider three questions:


  • What challenges facing our state do North Carolinians want UNC to respond to?
  • How can UNC best respond to these challenges?
  • How can UNC sustain this focus over the long-term?


          Faculty will receive a series of questions about ways departments/programs and the campus in general is responding to meet present and future challenges.  A group from General Administration and the UNC Tomorrow staff will visit UNCA in June to discuss the goals, processes and outcomes. 


X.      Old Business

·   Dr. Nallan thanked Greg Boudreaux for his outstanding work on the faculty elections this year.   

·   Dr. Whatley acknowledged an incorrect deadline for senior grades was posted on the web.  She apologized for the ensuing confusion.      


XI.     New Business

         There was no New Business.


XII.    Adjourn

          Dr. Nallan adjourned the meeting at 4:10pm.


Respectfully submitted by:   Sandra Gravely

                                           Executive Committee