University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, March 15, 2007




Members:††† L. Atkinson, G. Boudreaux, B. Butler, K. Cole, P. Downes, M. Harvey, B. Hook,

†††††††††††††††††† B. Larson, D. Lisnerski, J. McClain, C. McKenzie, M. Moseley, G. Nallan, B. Sabo,

†††††††††††††††††† B. Wilson, J. Wood; K. Whatley.Alternates:B. Holmes, C. Bell.


Excused:†††† S. Judson, H. Holt.


Visitors:†††††† P. Cole, L. Friedenberg, B. Haas, J. Hartsfield, E. Katz, J. Konz, G. Kormanik, M. Lonon,

†††††††††††††††††† J. McKnight, S. Patch, D. Peifer, G. Voos, S. Walters, A. Weldon.



I.††††††† Call to Order, Introductions, Announcements

††††††††† Gary Nallan called the meeting to order at 3:22 pm and welcomed Senators and guests.†††

††††††††† - Departments are inviting candidates to interview for positions on campus.Senators share the responsibility for meeting with candidates and talking about governance in general and talking specifically about the Faculty Senate.Senators are asked to respond promptly and try to meet with candidates.


II.†††††† Approval of minutes

††††††††† The minutes of February 8, 2007, were approved as written.†††


III.†††† Academic Policies Committee Report

†††††††† Claudel McKenzie gave the Academic Policies Committee Report.

†††††††† First Reading:

†††††††† Unanimously approved by APC]

†††††††† The following documents were distributed for First Reading:

†††††††† APC 45: Add DRAM 380 Methods and Management in Teaching Theatre, Grades 6-12 (4).

†††††††††††††††††††††† Change required courses for Theatre Arts Licensure

†††††††† APC 46: Delete the section for Library Research


†††††††† Second Reading:

†††††††† [Unanimously approved by APC]

†††††††† The following documents were considered for Second Reading:

†††††††† APC 27: Change Course Descriptions for DRAM 362 and 462.

†††††††† APC 27 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3107S.


†††††††† APC 30: Separate ARTH 310: Greek and Roman Art, into two courses: ARTH 311 and ARTH 312.

†††††††† APC 30 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3207S.


†††††††† APC 31: Change requirements for declaring a concentration in Art History.

†††††††† APC 31 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3307S.


†††††††† APC 32: Add a new course ARTH 381: Art in Latin America.

†††††††† APC 32 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3407S.


†††††††† APC 33: Clarify the 9 hours of required courses outside the department of Art History.

†††††††† APC 33 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3507S.


†††††††† APC 34: Delete Math 212 and 216. Remove co-requisites for MATH 211 and 215.

†††††††† APC 34 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3607S.


†††††††† APC 35: Change intro. PSYC requirement for teacher licensure students to include PSYC 102

†††††††††††††††††††††† as an option.

†††††††† APC 35 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3707S.


†††††††† APC 36: Reinstate EDUC 340 as required course in the K-6 licensure program.Reduce credit hours

†††††††††††††††††††††† for EDUC 322 from 4 to 3. Editorial changes to listing of required courses for K-6 licensure.

†††††††† APC 36 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3807S.


†††††††† APC 37: Revision of ECON 380 and ECON 480; Editorial change in graduation requirements.

†††††††† APC 37 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 3907S.


†††††††† APC 38: Change the prerequisite for MATH 191.

†††††††† APC 38 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4007S.


†††††††† APC 40: Replace MGMT 320 with MGMT 325

†††††††† APC 40 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4107S.


†††††††† APC 41: Change Course Description and Title of MGMT 460

†††††††† APC 41 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4207S.


†††††††† APC 42: Change Information Systems Requirement for Accounting

†††††††† APC 42 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4307S.


†††††††† APC 43: Change Management Competency Exam Criteria

†††††††† APC 43 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4407S.


†††††††† APC 44: Adding new European History Courses:HIST 357 and 358.

†††††††††††††††††††††† Adding HIST 357 and 358 to Womenís Studies Options

†††††††† APC 44 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4507S.


†††††††† APC Approved as Minor Proposals:

†††††††† APC 26: Prerequisite Changes to PHYS 221 and PHYS 222

†††††††† APC 26 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4607S.


†††††††† APC 28: Increase the offering of DRAM 111 and 144; Change semester DRAM 124 is offered.

†††††††† APC 28 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4707S.


†††††††† APC 29: Add prerequisites to DRAM 244 and 245 and change times offered.

†††††††††††††††††††††† Modify course description for DRAM 245.

†††††††† APC 29 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4807S.


†††††††† APC 39: Change Prerequisite for ACCT 330

†††††††† APC 39 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 4907S.


IV.†††† Institutional Development Committee Report

†††††††† Bruce Larson reported for the Institutional Development Committee.

†††††††† Second Reading:

†††††††† The following document was considered for Second Reading:

†††††††† IDC 1:††† Proposal to Establish the Environmental Quality Institute at UNCA


††††††††† IDC 1 is a clarification and recognition of the work that EQI has been doing for two decades and also establishes the EQI Institute at UNCA.The document was drafted by Steve Patch with assistance from Gerard Voos; it was then reviewed by Kathy Whatley and Gregg Kormanik, as Dean of Natural Sciences and Chief Research Officer respectively.The proposal went to IDC where revisions were made.Upon Senate approval, the proposal will go to the Board of Trustees.Since it is an Institute for the UNCA campus it does not require approval of General Administration.IDC 1 passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5007S.


††††††††† Report on UPC future

††††††††† The UPC futures group first met on Tuesday, February 27, from 12:00-1:30pm in Highsmith 221.Those in attendance included:

         Chancellor Ponder

         Sam Schuman, interim Dean of Faculty (acting as convener of group),

         Kathy Whatley, interim VCAA

         Christine Riley, Chief of Staff

         Lisa Friedenberg, Dean of Social Sciences

         Archer Gravely, director of Institutional Research

         IDC members:Bruce Larson, Brian Butler, Peg Downes, Herman Holt, Betsy Wilson, John Wood.


††††††††† Dr. Schuman raised three questions to consider:

         Should we revive the University Planning Council?

         What should it do?

         Who should be on it?


††††††††† The questions framed the discussion but the recent history of UPC was also discussed.Everyone believed that UPC should be revived and should be involved in planning in a comprehensive way.Certainly the existing strategic planning process would be part of the activities appropriate for UPC.It was clear that the direction that UPC had at one time Ė work constituted by a broad group Ė had an element of continuity.Dr. Larson was sure that the Chancellor would be part of that group; she is very knowledgeable about planning and has been the leader of the existing strategic planning process.They are still thinking about the question:Who should be on it?The second meeting will be on Thursday, March 29th, from 3:15-4:45pm in Karpen Hall 150.

†††† The Senate briefly discussed UPCís role in light of strategic planning. Several members of the think tank group and the conveners are also involved in the group discussions on UPC.


V. †††† Executive Committee Report

†††††††† Gary Nallan gave the Executive Committee Report.

†††††††† Second Reading:

†††††††† The following document was considered for Second Reading:

†††††††† Sense of the Senate Resolution


†††† The resolution involves referring to FWDC considerations about the reconstitution of UPC as well as putting language in our Standing Rules next year regarding UPC and planning.The Sense of the Senate Resolution passed without dissent and became Senate Document 5107S. The Resolution follows:


Senate of the Senate Resolution

In order to fulfill the responsibility imposed on the faculty by the final paragraph (Compliance) of the Standards of Shared Governance on the 16 UNC Campuses document, the Senate charges the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee, in consultation with the Institutional Development Committee, to modify the Faculty Senateís Standing Rules and Rules of Order as needed to better position the faculty to be able to implement part 3 of the Administration-Faculty Collegiality section of the Shared Government Document. The Committee should consider both substantive changes in duties and structural and procedural modifications which enhance the facultyís ability to assert its influence in areas where it has "an appropriate interest but not primary responsibility."


Among the matters FWDC should consider are the wisdom of reviving the University Planning Council system and mechanisms for assessing the degree to which faculty and administrative policies, decisions, and activities are consistent with and contribute to the Universityís Mission Statement, the University Community Councilís statement on the Shared Values of Our University and UNCAís planning documents.

FWDC will also add to the duties of the Senate Executive Committee the responsibility of producing a brief summary report of the degree to which faculty participated in decisions which the Shared Government Document specifies are relevant.


Such changes as are deemed necessary will be incorporated into the Standing Rules and Rules of Order to be adopted when the Senate reconvenes in the fall to begin its 2007-2008 sessions.


†††††††† Election of Chief Academic Officer Search Committee

†††† Chancellor Ponder has asked Bruce Larson and Douglas Orr (former president of Warren Wilson College and current member of UNCA Board of Trustees) to co-chair the Chief Academic Officer Search Committee.Don Locke has also been asked to serve on the committee.The Chancellor has asked the Faculty Senate to identify four additional faculty members to serve.Dr. Nallan solicited nominations and self-nominations via email.The Senate recommended the following faculty members to serve on the search committee:


†††††††††††††††††††††† Humanities:††††††† †† Brian Hook

†††††††††††††††††††††† Natural Sciences:†† Dave Peifer

†††††††††††††††††††††† Social Sciences: †† Tracy Brown

†††††††††††††††††††††† At Large:††††††††††† †† Rick Chess


†††††††† Response from Chancellor Ponder on Three Sense of the Senate Resolutions

†††††††† Dr. Nallan read Chancellor Ponderís response to the three Senate Resolutions.Senators asked that the resolutions be included in the minutes.†††


†††††††† Response to Senate Document Number 2807S:


††††††††† While the actual numbers do not reflect a significantly higher level of faculty and staff turnover for this administration compared to others, I understand that this data does not reflect the feeling on campus.We can do better, for example, in evaluating performance, especially for EPA employees who do not currently have standardized review processes, and we can improve supervisory expertise at all levels.That improvement, along with increasing salary levels, will, over time, advance our efforts at better retention of long-term employees.

††††††††† It is gratifying that in less than a year, our University has coalesced around the early draft of university values in such a compelling way. In strategic planning sessions, we have found ways to expand it and refine it, but it has remained essentially intact throughout our many discussions. I am pleased that the faculty senate has chosen to endorse this statement of who we are and who we strive to be. We may still be at a stage in our development as a university community where one or more of these values has been practiced rather imperfectly, but we are aiming for the same sense of community. These values are ideals; we agree that we should do our best to practice them and that we should grow toward them. I endorse the faculty senate resolution and accept my part of the shared responsibility inherent in this important statement by the faculty senate.

††††††††† Response to Senate Document Number 2907S:

††††††††† Although the original personnel decision will remain unchanged, the individual consideration for a long-term employee is still an important factor. The universityís consideration for Maggie Weshner has included, from the beginning, an extension of pay status for 11 months. In the intervening weeks, an additional option has since been extended for her to join MAHEC in a collaboration with the university on our Health & Aging initiatives.Either option is currently available to her and the choice is hers.

††††††††† The transition of all student-clients has been addressed throughout the past six weeks, and adjustments to the original timeline for transition have been made, based on Dr. Weshnerís recommendations. She has given permission for me to share with you that she is fully comfortable with the transition of all of her clients.

††††††††† Response to Senate Document Number 3007S

††††††††† The statement appears to be quite good as a guiding principle, one which describes many, indeed most, aspects of our assumptions about governance. I have reviewed this statement with the newly reelected chair of the UNC Faculty Assembly, Brenda Killingsworth. Here at UNC Asheville, we already do quite well with many aspects of this statement. So, letís try it. Letís try to live within itóto live up to it. However, this statement has not yet been shared and discussed with General Administration, the Board of Governors, or the leadership on the individual campuses, and these are presumably the constituencies with which governance is intended to be shared. Our faculty senate has not yet engaged in consultation with similar constituencies on our campus. I suggest this is just the sort of topic for a recreated University Planning Council.Letís consider using this statement as good guidance and then also asking UPC, once it has gotten well underway, to review it and to make sure that our statement about shared governance serves us optimally.

††††††††† And because this statement addresses the specific approval of honorands, a process that is well underway for this year, I will confer with the faculty senate about how to uphold the spirit of this provision as we go forward.


††††††††† Ms. Marilyn Lonon commented on Cindy Branton Laneís administrative hearing and criticized the university for its pattern of misrepresentation without asking the employee what they want or informing the employee of their options.She was embarrassed for the university as it tried to circumvent the system, hoping it would not get caught.The Judge will rule on the case within sixty days.†† Ms. Lonon was also concerned that what Maggie Weshner said is not what the Chancellor said in her response.The Faculty Senate needs to know that these are not two isolated cases.

††††††††† The Senate discussed the Chancellorís responses, the rules of confidentiality, the question of continuation of pay status through the end of the year and whether accumulated leave was being used, and the inaccurate claim that Dr. Weshner was being fired short of 30 years and would not receive retirement benefits.

††††††††† The Senate agreed it would be appropriate in this particular case to thank the Chancellor for the responses and to acknowledge that we received it; Senators need time to consider the wording of the responses.Dr. Downes added that in light of Ms. Lononís comments, these are situations that we need to watch as we continue to grow and work on our values.It is much larger than just these cases.†††


VI.††† Student Government Association Report:

††††††††† There was no Student Government Association report.


VII.††† Chancellorís Staff Advisory Committee

††††††††† Joanne McKnight gave the Chancellorís Staff Advisory Committee (CSAC) report.

††††††††† The Chairs of the staff organizations throughout the UNC system met last month and J. C. Boykin (Chair of the Staff Assembly) presented an address.Mr. Boykinís address and the report that President Bowles received today regarding the staffís position on PACE will both be placed on CSACís website: .Next month, the Staff Assembly will discuss its official position on PACE.It is important to note that there is no campus on which the staff indicated that it supported separating from the Office of State Personnel.†††

VIII.†† Administrative Report

†††††††† Interim VCAA Kathy Whatley gave the Administrative Report.

†††† †††† Zagier renovation completion and move-in

††††††††† The move back into Zagier Hall will not take place until after commencement.The Psychology Department will stay in Carmichael Hall.

††††††††† Dr. Friedenberg reported that Zagier Hall has new windows (that do not open) and a new HVAC system with two zones.Several spaces were reconfigured to create additional offices, a net gain of 4-5 classrooms, a faculty lounge, and a student lounge.There are new bathrooms on both floors.The offices have new carpeting and the classrooms and hallways areas have new tile.†††††††

†††† †††† One-stop planning

††††††††† A plan is underway to move a lot of the student service areas together, particularly those areas used during registration and the payment of bills.This will be more convenient for students and will allow staff members to be cross-trained to help manage the workload.The offices will be moved to the lower dining hall, near the admissions office.There will be no staffing implications as a result of the move.†††

†††††††† Questions/Comments

††††††††† Dr. Lisnerski asked for an update on the science building.Dr. Whatley reported that the science building is over 40% complete and construction is about 45 days behind schedule.The anticipated opening date is Fall 2008.Last week Mr. Jesse Ray and Dr. Krumpe discussed funding with Heath Shuler, his staff, and our two senators in Washington, D.C.†††††


IX.†† Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report

†††††††† Don Lisnerski gave the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee Report.

†††††††† First Reading:

†††††††† The following documents were distributed for First Reading:

†††††††† FWDC 2:Proposal to Revise University Relations Faculty Advisory Committee

††††††††††††††††††††††† (Revises SD0790F; Faculty Handbook 10.3.10)

†††††††† FWDC 3: Proposal to Revise the membership of the "Library, Information Resources and Technology

††††††††††††††††††††††† Committee" (Revises SD0706F; Faculty Handbook 10.4.4)

††††††††† FWDC 4: Proposal to Eliminate the Womenís Studies Advisory Committee

††††††††††††††††††††††† (Revision of SD8203S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.24)

†††††††† FWDC 5:Proposal to Change Membership on Sexual Harassment Advisory Committee

††††††††††††††††††††††† (Revision of SD8103S; Faculty Handbook 10.4.28)



†††††††† Task Force on University Commencement and Honorand Selection

†††††††† FWDC will be working with the Chancellor to establish a Task Force on university commencement and

honorand selection.

†††††††† Committee Nominees for Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee

†††††††† The Senate approved members to the Library, Information Resources and Technology Committee:


††††††††††††† - Humanities:†††††††† Rob Bowen (tenured); Ellen Pearson (untenured)

††††††††††††† - Natural Sciences: Steve Patch (tenured); Susan Reiser (untenured)

††††††††††††† - Social Sciences:Bill Sabo (tenured); Tracy Lambert (untenured)


†††††††† ILSOC Chair for 2006-07 term

†††††††† The Senate appointed Alan Hantz to remain as chair of ILSOC for this academic year.†††

†††††††† Faculty Senate Election Results

†††††††† Greg Boudreaux reported the Faculty Senate election results for 2007-10:


††††††††††††† - Humanities:††††††††††††† Melissa Burchard

††††††††††††† - Natural Sciences:††††† Till Dohse

††††††††††††† - Social Sciences:†††††† Amy Lanou

††††††††††††† - At Large:††††††††††††††††† Jane Hartsfield, Bill Haas, and Chris Bell

††††††††††††† - 2007-08 Alternates:†† Ken Betsalel, Keith Krumpe, and Dan Pierce


X.††††† Old Business

†††††††† There was no Old Business.


XI.†††† New Business

††††††††† Dr. Hook noted there was some concern that four males were appointed to the Chief Academic Officer Search Committee and offered to step down.Dr. Nallan said the Senate is making a recommendation; perhaps he and the Chancellor should discuss this.The Chancellor will make appointments and could take this into consideration.

††††††††† December graduation and grades

††††††††† Dr. Sabo reported on the results of changing the deadline for senior grades last semester.Alicia Shope has said that 20 faculty members were late with grades, affecting slightly more than 100 students.For next December, there will likely be no early grades for seniors although the exam schedule may be adjusted by 12 hours.There is no possibility for adjusting senior grades for spring schedule.Senior grades will have to be early as long as we have printed programs with Latin honors.††


XII.††† Adjourn

††††††††† Dr. Nallan adjourned the meeting at 4:35pm.


Respectfully submitted by:†† Sandra Gravely

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Don Lisnerski