University of North Carolina at Asheville


Minutes, April 28, 2005 5:20pm



Members: L. Atkinson, B. Butler, K. Cole, L. Cornett, B. Hook, P. Downes, S. Judson, B. Larson,

D. Lisnerski, C. McKenzie, S. Mills, G. Nallan, P. Nickless, D. Pierce, M. Ruiz, S. Walters;

(Alt: R. Chess, D. Eggers); M. Padilla.


Excused: G. Boudreaux.

Absent: H. Holt, J. Wood.


Visitors: E. Katz, J. Konz, A. Shope.



I. Call to Order

Dr. Pamela Nickless called the meeting to order at 5:20pm and welcomed new and returning Senators and guests. New Senators are Brian Hook, Greg Boudreaux, Peg Downes, Herman Holt, Sarah Judson, Claudel McKenzie, and John Wood. Alternates are Rick Chess, Karen Cole, and Dee Eggers.


II. Election of Officers

Dr. Nickless explained that in previous years members of the Executive Committee were elected by secret ballot without nominations. The new Faculty Senate Constitution allows nominations from the floor. Executive Committee elections were held with the following results:


Chair of the Senate and Chair of the Executive Committee:

Pamela Nickless


First Vice Chair and Chair of the Academic Policies Committee:

Gary Nallan

Second Vice Chair and Chair of the Institutional Development Committee:

Bruce Larson


Third Vice Chair and Chair of the Faculty Welfare and Development Committee:

Don Lisnerski


III. Election of Alternate to replace Dan Pierce

Karen Cole was elected to replace Dan Pierce on the Faculty Senate for the 2005-06 term. Dr. Pierce will be on off-campus scholarly assignment next fall.


IV. Committee Work-in-Progress

(Vote on Nominees to Standing Committees)

The Senate approved the following FWDC nominations to Standing Committees:

Distinguished Scholars Committee [10.3.1] (SD5500S) term 2005-2007

Joe Daugherty (NS)

Bill Haas (SS)


Graduate Council - MLA [10.4.22] (SD3090S) term 2005-2007

Volker Frank (SS)

Randy Booker (NS)


Integrative Liberal Studies Oversight Committee (ILSOC) [10.3.8] {SD0703F}

2005-08: David Clarke



Writing Intensives (Social Studies)

2005-08: John Wood (SS)


Diversity Intensives (Social Studies)

2005-08: Ken Betsalel (SS)


Quantitative Intensive (Natural Sciences)

2005-08: Dot Sulock (NS)


Information Literacy Intensives (Natural Sciences)

2005-08: Mary Anna LaFratta (NS)

David Clarke (NS)

Intellectual Property [9.4] (SD3402S) term 2005-2008

Grant Hardy (HUM)


Minority Affairs Commission [10.3.2] (SD5000S) term 2005-2007

Heon Lee (SS)


University Relations Faculty Advisory [10.6.2] (SD0790F) term 2005-2007

Judy Beck (NS)

Rob Bowen (HUM) Representative to Foundation Board

Claudel McKenzie (SS)


University Research Council [10.3.5] (SD0981) term 2005-2007

Herman Holt (NS)

Merritt Moseley (HUM)

Bryan Schaffer (SS)


University Service Council [10.3.7] (SD0700F) term 2005-2007

Kevin Moorhead (NS) previous Feldman Award Winner

Kitti Reynolds (NS)


University Teaching Council [10.3.6] (SD7503S) term 2005-2007

Chris Nicolay (NS)

Robert Yearout (at large)

University Foundation Board [10.6.1] term 2005-2007

Rob Bowen (Hum)


V. Committee Assignment Preferences

Dr. Nickless asked senators to submit their committee preferences. The Executive Committee will

meet immediately following the meeting to set committee assignments.

VI. Adjournment

Dr. Nickless adjourned the meeting at 5:40pm.


Respectfully submitted by: Sandra Gravely

Don Lisnerski